Baity, Childre win XTERRA Whitewater

Jul. 9, 2018

Caleb Baity and Angie Childre won XTERRA Whitewater this weekend at the U.S. National Whitewater Center in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Baity was first over the line in 2:13:25, followed by Sam Chalk, Jr. in 2:17:20. Just behind Chalk was Donny Forsyth in 2:17:53. Baity didn’t have any of the fastest splits of the day, but his effort was so consistently good throughout the three disciplines that he didn’t need to best anyone.

“The bike and the run have always been my strong suit,” said Baity. “But I have also been working hard to get my swim stronger to match. I have come a long way but hope I can continue to get even faster.”

This is Baity’s fifth win of the season. He won his age group at XTERRA Oak Mountain, XTERRA Tsali, XTERRA Knoxville, and XTERRA Myrtle Beach. He was second in his division at XTERRA Fort Yargo after some technical issues with his bike. Additionally, Baity was the overall champ at XTERRA Knoxville and XTERRA Myrtle Beach.

This is Childre’s third age group win of the season. She was second in her age group at XTERRA Oak Mountain and won her age group at both XTERRA Tsali and XTERRA Fort Yargo.

At XTERRA Whitewater, Childre finished in 2:56:53, despite a bad crash on the muddy course. It was so bad that the medical team on the course strongly suggested an ER visit, where it was revealed she sustained a blunt force injury to her abdomen from her handlebars.

"I wasn't sure if I should continue racing or not, but I had been told I was in first place and hated to not give it a try," said Childre. "The run was painful and slow due to the crash, but I was determined to stay in first!"

Even after her injury, Childre said her biggest regret was not being able to stick around for the awards ceremony.

"It's rare that I'm an overall winner," she said. "But I always love coming to XTERRA Whitewater. It's an awesome venue."

She and her husband Jason Childre will both compete at XTERRA Panther Creek and XTERRA Auburn to finish off their season.

Behind Childre, Christine Halioris was second in 3:05:40 while Zoemma Warshafsky was third in 3:26:08. Like Baity, Childre is an excellent cyclist and runner and posted the fastest splits in those two events.

XTERRA Whitewater was created by Marcus Barton over ten years ago, but this was his first year behind the scenes in a while.

“It’s been a while since I race directed,” said Barton. “XTERRA Whitewater has always had a special place in my heart, but I had honestly forgotten how much work goes into putting on an event.”

After the race, athletes commended all race directors for a well-marked course as spider-free as it could get.


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