2018 XTERRA Asia-Pacific Amateur Champs

Jul. 5, 2018

This spring, XTERRA visited the lands down under and stopped in New Zealand, the Philippines, and Tahiti, proving once again that XTERRA is a language that needs no translation.

While elite athletes Sam Osborne and Penny Slater dominated the XTERRA Asia-Pacific Tour as part of their journey towards the XTERRA World Championship, talented amateurs put in equally gutsy performances and age groupers who collected the most points in their division during the tour earned the titled of tour champ and secured a qualifying spot to XTERRA Worlds.

For the women, Sue Ling Teoh from Malaysia won the 35-39 division and Louise Donaldson of Singapore came out on top in the 55-59 age group. Teoh won her age group at XTERRA Albay and at the XTERRA Asia-Pacific Championship in Cebu, and finished third at XTERRA New Zealand. Donaldson also won her age group at both races in the Philippines.

For the men, Mark Williams from New Zealand nabbed the 30-34 title, Teva Poulain from French Polynesia took the 35-39 spot, and Tod Horton and Paul McCalman – both from Australia - won the 40-44 and 45-49 divisions, respectively.

Williams traveled extensively and was undefeated in the 30-34 division, winning at XTERRA Albay, the XTERRA Asia-Pacific Championship, XTERRA Tahiti, and XTERRA New Zealand. Poulain won on his home soil at XTERRA Tahiti and finished second at XTERRA New Zealand. Aussie Tod Horton won his division champ at Cebu and was second at XTERRA New Zealand while fellow countryman Paul McCalman finished fourth at both XTERRA Albay and the Asia-Pacific Championship.

Moving up, Thomas Hardcastle from Hong Kong won the 50-54 spot by virtue of his win in Albay and second-place finish at the XTERRA Asia-Pacific Championship, while Dave Spence of the UK took the 55-59 age group with wins at Albay and Cebu, and a sixth-place showing at XTERRA New Zealand.

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