Weekend Wrap - June 9/10 Races

Jun. 12, 2018

XTERRA landed in Texas, Brazil, and New Zealand last weekend with races as diverse as you can imagine.

At XTERRA Cameron Park in Waco, Texas, runners had the option of competing in the 6K, 10.5K, or 21K runs.

In the 21K, Raul Guerra took the overall win in 1:49:49 while Jason Kharman was second in 1:56:46. Lonnie Coone was third in 1:57:04. For the women, Kristen Bartiss took the overall 21K title in 1:57:47 while Gina McFarlen was second in 2:22:21. Lauren Smith was third in 2:25:09.

In the XTERRA Cameron Park 10.5K, XTERRA Ambassador Steven Stoot took the overall win in 50:36. Daniel Stewart was next in 54:15 and David Boone was third in 54:58. For the women, Ashley Forshey was the winner in 59:50. Nancy Goodnight was second in 1:09:34 while Nicki Seidensticker was third in 1:14 flat.

And in the 6K, Breaft Peacock took the win in 24:37 ahead of Cody Crowther in 25:58 and Scott Morgan in 27:52. For the women, Elizabeth Painter was first in 32:14, while Claire Martens finished a few minutes back in 35:52 and tied for second with her sister Beth.


At XTERRA Camp Praia Do Forte in Brazil, Jean Dos Santos claimed the men’s title in the 21K in 1:36:17. Luiz Alves was second in 1:37:04 while Marcelo Barreto was third in 1:37:38. In the women’s division, Geisla Moraes took the title in the 21K in 1:52:38 while Maria De Souza was second in 1:56:55. Claudia Gama was third in 2:09:34.

In the men’s 7.5K run, Luciano Carbalho was first in 27:42 while Elton DaSilva was second in 27:48. Felipe Conceicao was third in 30:05. In the women’s 7.5K run, Miriam Alves claimed victory in 37 flat while Lilian Ferriera was second in 37:15. Elisa E Silva was third in 41:40.


And at XTERRA Wellington, Will Bell took the men’s race at Red Rocksh. He finished the long course (about 17-20K) in 1:43:29. Alex Jones was behind him in 1:43:49 and Patrick McKenna was third in 1:45:04. For the women, Heather Walker was the long course champ, coming across the line in 2:00:58. Carla Denneny was second in 2:05:52 while Jo Ryder was third in 2:08:55.

Asher Cook was first in 57:58 over the 10-14K course. Gus Reece was second in 1:00:26 and Tom Moore was third in 1:04:27. For the women, Emily Watson won in 1:09:40 while Emily Fifield was behind her in 1:15:56. Juliet Bergh was third in 1:16:01.

In the short course – about 5 to 7K – Cameron Forrest was first in 38:18 with Tom Donoghue behind him in 40:18. John Pickett was third in 40:48. For the women, Maia Holbert won in 38:17. Meghan Sandle was second in 42:57 while Anna van den Hout was third in 43:20.


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