XTERRA Weekend Race Wrap-Up for May 11-12th

May. 17, 2018

Mendez, Suard win XTERRA Tahiti 27K

A day after winning the XTERRA Tahiti off-road triathlon, Mauricio Mendez of Mexico won the XTERRA Tahiti 27K Trail Run on the beautiful island of Moorea. Patricia Suard of France won for the women.

Mendez cruised to an easy victory in 3:35:10, 16 minutes ahead of runner up Franck Digonnet who finished in 3:51:17. Maui Maamaatuaiahutapu was third in 4:16:50. Patricia Suard won for the women in 5:10:37 while Christa Vaugelade was second in 5:18:53. Anne Perrin was third in 5:20:04. 

Off-road stars Ben Allen and Lesley Paterson ran the 13K and came in first and second respectively in 1:03:26 and 1:12:55. Remy Boniface was second for the men in 1:13:41 while Paul Choteau was third in 1:15:43. For the women, Jacqui Allen – the XTERRA Tahiti champ - was second in 1:20:06 while Celine Lartigue was third in 1:32:45. 

In addition to the 27K trail run, XTERRA Tahiti held an arduous 55K. Trail elites Fabrice D'Aletto and Marion Delespierre were on the line testing themselves against the wild Tahitian landscape. Delbi Gongora and Thomas Lubin crossed the line in 7:56:04, over the lush but extremely tough terrain. D’Aletto was third in 8:16:51. For the women, Marion Delespierre stayed true to her reputation and won in 8:51:50. Vallerie Connan was second in 11:00:41 while Isabelle La Cam was third in 11:24:01. 

In 2016 and 2017, Tahiti – and the island of Moorea – were included in the Conde Nast Traveler’s Readers Choice Awards. In 2015, The Huffington Post called Moorea “The Most Beautiful Island You’ve Never Heard Of,” alluding to how far away this paradise is. Travelers first must land in Papa’ete, Tahiti and then travel by ferry to Moorea, which is 12 miles away.


Emmerdorfer, Tedeschi win XTERRA Wawayanda 25K

On Saturday, May 12th,  on a cold, wet day in New Jersey, a stalwart group of runners toed the line at XTERRA Wawayanda to compete in a 10K, 25K, or 50K. 

Joe Emmerdorfer took the men’s 25K in 2:29 while Manuel Pereira was second in 2:30. Jeremy Beebe was third in 2:44. Catherine Tedeschi was the women’s 25K champ in 2:33 by over an hour and was third overall. Karen Matesic was second for the women in 3:28 while Keilynn was third in 3:43.

In the 50K, Jason Leonard was first in 5:44 while Simon Edgett was second in 6:04. Carlos Uriarte was third in 6:33. For the women, Amy Nalven won in 6:01 and was second overall. Kate Sidoli was the runner up in 6:47 while Laney Baris was third in 7:41. 

There was also a shorter 10K at XTERRA Wawayanda, which Brenden Corcoran won in 48 minutes. Damian Clogher was second in 55 minutes and Matthew Reidy finished just behind, also in 55 minutes. For the women, Gabrielle Czernik won in 59 minutes and Sara VL was second in 1:09. Beth Rissmeyer was third in 1:13. 


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