Weekend wrap from XTERRA racing in Jersey and Georgia

May. 24, 2018

Barton, Sick Claim 10K Titles at XTERRA Wetlands

Eric Barton and Hollie Sick took the 10K titles last weekend on a very muddy day at the XTERRA Wetlands Trail Run on May 20th in Pittsgrove, New Jersey. 

“Wetlands was a fun race,” said Barton, who won in 40:43. “The rain and mud made an already technical course very interesting. Several times throughout the race I almost lost my footing but managed to recover. But overall it was really fun. Afterwards, Jacob and I used the lake to clean off some of the mud.” 

Jacob Capin was second in 43:05 while Tim Sick was third in 46:42.

“I think it rained every single day for the past week prior to the race, and the course was an absolute mess,” said Capin. “We were slipping and sliding all over the course on the first lap, and after all the 5K and 10K runners had gone around once, the course on the second lap was even worse. It was my first hard run since my half Ironman eight days prior. My legs felt pretty good, but I didn't have much pop. Eric ran a great race and handled the very slippery and technical course well. After Eric opened up about a 30 second gap towards the end of the first 5K lap, I ran a bit more conservatively with the goal of staying on my feet. This was no small task considering the conditions. The best part of the day was jumping in the pond afterward and cleaning all the mud off.”

Tim Sick’s wife Hollie won the women’s race in 50:54. 

“It was my first ‘legit’ trail race so I didn’t know what to expect,” said Hollie after the race. “Usually in a road race, I seed myself towards the front but as my first trail race, I didn’t know how it would go so chose to be in the middle. We started and my goal was not to hurt myself. I took my time on the extremely muddy conditions and used the grassy sections to gain some leg speed. The second loop of the 10K was definitely much more muddy but I knew what to expect. I actually didn’t know I had won when I crossed because the woods make it much difficult to know who is front of you.” 

The former SUNY cross-country runner is gunning for a 1:20 half-marathon on the roads, but decided to enter in her first off-road race last Sunday after her husband convinced her to try it out. 

“I had no plans to do this race until about 15 minutes before my husband left the house,” wrote Sick on her blog, www.fueledbylolz.com. “I woke up around 6:15 and my husband’s words at 6:30 in the morning were, ‘I am seriously doing this race.’ That day, I had planned to do a workout by myself but after thinking about it, I thought it might be fun to get out of my comfort zone. I didn’t do anything I usually do to prepare for a race and just threw everything in a random bag and got in the car.”

Aroline Hanson was second in 53:15 while Nicole Seals was third in 58:52.

In the men’s 5K, B. Williams won in 25:22. Craig Patterson was second in 25:48 while Andre Rivera was third in 26:40. For the women, Paige Jackson won the 5K in 29:36. Madison Alvarez was second in 30:38 while Megan Brown was third in 33:24.


Haley, Hernandez win XTERRA UNG 5.3 Miler

On May 19th, Matt Haley and Nyah Hernandez won the XTERRA UNG 5.3 Miler, which was held at North Georgia College in Gainesville, Georgia. Haley won in 30:28, Jim Rose was second in 32:46, and Aidan Landrum was third in 33:00. For the women, Nyah Hernandez crossed the line in 37:26, Christine Adams was second in 37:50, and Johanna Kiehl was third in 38:32. 

In the 2.5 mile race, Anthony Allen crossed the tape first in 14:10. Mitch Novy was just behind him in 14:22 while Tim Spradlin was third in 15:13. For the women, Amanda Allen won with a time of 19:02. Bethany Jockers was second in 19:57 while Relissa Dlouhy was third in 20:19.  


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