XTERRA Renegade Rebels into Action May 6

Apr. 26, 2018

Next Sunday, May 6, XTERRA Renegade will host a festival of races at the renowned Bonelli Park in San Dimas, CA. The events will include the XTERRA Renegade off-road tri, a sprint distance XTERRA, a duathlon, and three and six-mile trail runs.

Located less than 30 miles northeast of Los Angeles, the trails at Bonelli Park are varied enough to give experienced mountain bikers an adrenaline rush while also being friendly to beginners. Indeed, the half-mile swim, 15-mile (2-loop) bike and three-mile trail run are challenging enough for the seasoned triathlete yet short enough to entice novices.

The bike course is a mixture of paved roads, fire roads and singletrack trails with stellar views of Mt. Baldy, one of Southern California's most impressive mountains.

The trail run is hilly with a mixture of paved paths, fire roads and singletrack trails.

Rob Teixeira, a local athlete who placed third overall in last year’s XTERRA Renegade duathlon, knows the trails at Bonelli Park well.

“The most difficult part of the course are the climbs, so a hard tail is sufficient for this race,” said Teixeira, who is also a firefighter in Lancaster, California and a go-to for all of those in his company looking for advice on health and fitness.

Teixeira recommends a solid warm-up before XTERRA Renegade because the bike portion starts uphill.

“The bike course starts with a 12-15 percent grade, so you want to go into this race warmed up and ready to respond where appropriate,” said Teixeira. “I’m not a Peter Pan skipping off the rocks. I like to get to the top of the first climb, see everyone, and then descend.”

The course is typical California canyon, meaning that it’s rocky and rutty.

“You need to be flexible,” said Teixeira. “And you need to pay attention to how your shoes and tires feel on the earth. Keep your brain on.”

XTERRA Renegade is the second of five West Region races on this year’s schedule, not including XTERRA Laguna Beach on October 7 that will count towards the 2019 series.

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