Weiss, Wasle win XTERRA Asia-Pacific Championship

Apr. 21, 2018

Bradley Weiss of South Africa and Carina Wasle from Austria captured the 5th annual XTERRA Asia-Pacific Championship elite titles on a beautiful day in Danao, Philippines on April 22, 2018.

The win is the second of the year for boh Weiss and Wasle, who captured the XTERRA South Africa crowns to open the season, and it’s the third victory in a row for Weiss since Maui last October. Moreover, it’s Weiss’ fourth straight win in the Philippines and he now holds the XTERRA European, Asia-Pacific, and World Championship titles.

“I’m not gonna complain about it,” laughed Weiss. “It was a very good day, and I love racing against Sam Osborne. This was our first race against each other in 2018, and it was a good battle. I wasn’t sure where his form was at. I knew he had done some solid work, though, and I was a bit worried I had not done enough.”

As the race unfolded it became clear both Weiss and Osborne were in world-class form.

The morning started with Ben Allen posting the best swim split (18:39), with Osborne right on his heels, Weiss about 20-seconds back, then Kieran McPherson one-minute later followed by Brodie Gardner.

“I swam well, but I lost all the time I gained in the water with a bad transition,” said Weiss. “I put my shoes on before I took my speedsuit off, so I had to take my shoes back off again, take the suit off, and do it all over again. It felt like I was in there forever.”

Onto the bike, which starts with a really steep climb straight out of transition, Weiss was able to reel in Allen about 5K into the first lap, but Osborne was holding the gap at roughly 40-seconds longer than the World Champ had wanted.

“I was concerned if I could ever bridge the gap, Sam was certainly calling the shots through that first lap,” he said. “I didn’t close until he punctured on the jagged volcanic rock. He fixed it fast though, and we were on to the second lap together.”

“Luck wasn’t entirely on my side today but it sure was another good dog fight out there,” replied Osborne. “I had a solid swim, but Ben and I were playing a bit too much tactically in the swim to make it really fast. I got away straight away on the bike and had some good legs but coming into the last descent of the lap I hit a rock or something in a grassy section and punctured. I got it fixed reasonably quickly but obviously lost all of my advantage over Brad and had to ride back on. We went at each other for the 2nd lap of the bike, had a small lie down towards the end of it but with a good transition got back across.”

The two hit the run course, and another steep hill, stride for stride.

“We ran together until about the halfway point, but I went through a really bad patch with the heat and that’s when Brad got away,” said Osborne. “That was essentially the gap we stayed at for the rest of the run.”

Weiss said the climbing on the run is so steep “you’re basically walking with hands on your knees. I could hear Sam was working behind me, and midway through he slowly faded. From there I pushed to get ‘out of sight, out of mind.”

Weiss crossed the line in 2:16:28, less than a minute ahead of Osborne.

“Thrilled to be back racing XTERRA after three half-ironman road races,” said Weiss. “I think the changes in training for those helped me in a lot of ways, making me a better all-around athlete, but I was not ready for the intensity of the punchy climbs on the bike today, and that’s always been my strength.”

Kieran McPherson posted the fastest run split of the day to finish in third, followed by Allen in fourth and Fabien Combaluzier from France in fifth.

Complete Results

Elite Men's Results

Pos Name, NAT Time Points
1 Bradley Weiss, RSA 2:16:28 100
2 Sam Osborne, NZL 2:17:17 90
3 Kieran McPherson, NZL 2:19:47 82
4 Ben Allen, AUS 2:23:48 75
5 Fabien Combaluzier, FRA 2:25:35 69
6 Brodie Gardner, AUS 2:31:31 63
7 Alex Roberts, NZL 2:34:04 58
8 Will Ross, USA 2:46:53 53
9 Jacky Boisset, FRA 2:54:56 49
10 Joe Miller, PHI 2:55:31 45
11 Takahiro Ogasawara, JPN 3:04:58 41
Carina Wasle Danao

In the women’s race Wasle came out of the water with Penny Slater about one-minute behind Jacqui Allen, who had the fastest swim split of the day.

From there she posted the fastest bike split of the day and ran her way to victory in 2:49:38, exactly three minutes ahead of Penny Slater who finished in second.

“Today was the perfect race for me. I had a good swim and was quite close to Jacqui when I jumped on my bike,” said Wasle.  “After 3km into the bike I took the lead and never looked back. I never knew how far ahead I was, so I stayed focused and pushed hard. On the run I knew I had a solid lead, so I could relax a little bit.  My biggest fear was the heat and humidity, so I tried not to over pace and took my time at all the water stations. Running through the finish in first place and to defend my Danao title means a lot for me. It's always a special atmosphere to race in the Philippines with lots of kids cheering you on and of course lots of high fives when passing them.”

Myriam Guillot-Boisset, who arrived in Cebu just hours before the start of the race, was solid all day to finish in third, followed by Leela Hancox and Kristy Jennings.

Allen crashed on the bike, suffering a fractured elbow and broken toe and was unable to continue. Kate Schultz had a mechanical on the bike and also did not finish.

Tentative Elite Women's Results

Pos Name, NAT Time Points
1 Carina Wasle, AUT 2:49:38 100
2 Penny Slater, AUS 2:52:38 90
3 Myriam Guillot-Boisset, FRA 2:56:33 82
4 Leela Hancox, AUS 3:03:58 75
5 Kristy Jennings, NZL 3:09:35 69
6 Laura Mira Dias, BRA 3:19:27 63
XTERRA Danao Swim

Osborne, Slater atop XTERRA Asia-Pacific Tour Elite Standings

Sam Osborne and Penny Slater hold the top spots in the XTERRA Asia-Pacific Tour standings after the first two events. Next up on the tour is XTERRA Tahiti, May 11 in Moorea, then it's back to the Philippines - this time in Albay - for the 2018 tour finale.


As of 4.22.18

Elite Men

1 Sam Osborne, NZL 165 75 90
2 Kieran McPherson, NZL 143 61 82
3 Ben Allen, AUS 131 56 75
4 Alex Roberts, NZL 101 43 58
5 Bradley Weiss, RSA 100 DNS 100
6 Fabien Combaluzier, FRA 69 DNS 69
7 Olly Shaw, NZL 67 67 DNS
8 Brodie Gardner, AUS 63 DNS 63
9 Will Ross, USA 53 DNS 53
10 Hayden Wilde, NZL 51 51 DNS
11 Jacky Boisset, FRA 49 DNS 49
12 Lewis Ryan, NZL 47 47 DNS
13 Joe Miller, PHI 45 DNS 45
14 Takahiro Ogasawara, JPN 41 DNS 41
15 Rodney Bell, AUS 39 39 DNS

Elite Women

1 Penny Slater, AUS 146 56 90
2 Leela Hancox, AUS 118 43 75
3 Carina Wasle, AUT 100 DNS 100
4 Laura Mira Diaz, BRA 99 36 63
5 Myriam Guillot-Boisset, FRA 82 DNS 82
6 Jacqui Allen, GBR 75 75 DNF
7 Kristy Jennings, NZL 69 DNS 69
8 Samantha Kingsford, NZL 67 67 DNS
9 Hannah Wells, NZL 61 61 DNS
10 Deborah Lynch, NZL 51 51 DNS
11 Lydia Hale, NZL 47 47 DNS
12 Mary Gray, NZL 39 39 DNS

All-time XTERRA Asia-Pacific Championship Elite Winners

Year – Man/Woman (Location)

2014 – Dan Hugo/Flora Duffy (Callala, NSW, Australia)
2015 – Braden Currie/Flora Duffy (Callala, NSW, Australia)
2016 – Braden Currie/Lizzie Orchard (Callala, NSW, Australia)
2017 – Weiss, Allen, Osborne, McPherson/Carina Wasle (Langkawi, Malaysia)
2018 – Bradley Weiss/Carina Wasle (Danao, Philippines)

All-time XTERRA Philippines Elite winners

Year Men Women

2011 Sam Gardner Shonny Vanlandingham
2012 Ben Allen Renata Bucher
2013 Ben Allen Lesley Paterson
2014 Dan Hugo Renata Bucher
2015 Bradley Weiss Flora Duffy
2016 Bradley Weiss Lizzie Orchard
2017 Bradley Weiss Carina Wasle
2018 Bradley Weiss Carina Wasle

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