Overheard on the Trail – Southern Weekend Race Wrap-Up

Mar. 30, 2018

On Sunday, March 25th, XTERRA warmed up with the XTERRA Bluebonnet 10/21K in Lake Bryan Texas and the XTERRA Trout Creek 5/15K in Tampa, Florida. XTERRA Bluebonnet is the second race in the XTERRA Texas Trail Run Series. The XTERRA Claw Run will take place on May 6th, 2018 in Lithia, Florida.

XTERRA Trout Creek 5/15K

“Once again, XTERRA Trout Creek was a fantastic event,” said Jay Lund, 47, who finished 8th in the 12K race. “The XTERRA Trout Creek is a fast 15k that permits the runner to open the throttle on large sections of the course, yet warrants caution on other parts due to the unending tree roots crossing the trails and by ruts caused by the resident wild hogs.”

In the men’s race, Chris Petrock, 47, smoked the course in 1:01:47 while Dave Dunham, 53, was close behind in 1:02:11. Steve Wilcox, 47, was third in 1:04:48.

“I knew from previous experience that a fast start at Trout Creek would be critical to placing well,” said Petrock. “After an initial sprint up and onto an elevated berm, the course enters and winds its way through single-track trails for over three miles. With very few opportunities to pass once in the woods, a bad start can leave one several minutes behind the leaders. I learned this lesson the hard way the first time I raced at Trout Creek back in 2013. There is just no way to make up the gap.

There were three of us that broke away from the main pack on Sunday morning, and I found myself maintaining second place for most of the race. It was only when the leader abruptly slowed around mile seven that I was able to grab the overall lead, and that certainly provided a needed mental boost heading into the final section of the course.”

In the women’s race, Annika Wreder, 25, was the day’s champ with a winning time of 1:13:06. Kim Donaldson, 56, was second in 1:15:04, and Jessica Jones, 27, was third in 1:15:19.

Monier Chediac, 37, won the 5K in 19:46 while Brent Carmack, 46, was second in 22:35. Neil Claridge, 36, was third in 23:34. For the women, Meghann Nelson, 33, took the women’s race in 22:36 while Stephanie Carmack, 36, was second in 24:16. Jhanine Banzer, 23, was third in 24:32.

View complete results at http://www.coolrunning.com.

XTERRA Bluebonnet 10/21K

On Sunday, March 25th, a day after XTERRA Bluebonnet off-road triathlon, Texas runners lined up to take on either the 10K or 21K challenge.

Robert Lopez was the men’s champ with a time of 2:24:27. Despite the length of the race, he barely held off Jessica Clay, who was second overall in 2:24:44. Amy Hiebert was third overall in 2:29:18.

In second place for the men was Patrick Monigle who finished in 2:29:19 while Robert Elliott was third in 2:32:16. Third for the women was Lupe Nelson who finished the course in 2:57:11.

Robert Thomas won the 10K in 1:19:34 while Scott Basinger was second in 1:24:23. Sheila Cook was third overall in 1:28:02.

Austin Cotie finished third for the men in 1:33:52. Crystal Felts was the second place female in 1:35:35 while Cathleen Stephens was third in 1:40:33.

View the complete results at http://www.redbarnsystems.com.

Photos courtesy of Stephen John Photography.

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