Let’s Go Camping!

Mar. 1, 2018

Arizona, Victoria B.C., Cozumel – all worthy destinations by themselves, but add in some expert tips and a structured training program and you’re sure to get better, faster, and have a whole lot of fun along the way.

In Scottsdale, April 26-29, five-time XTERRA age-group world champ and XTERRA Couch to Trail training tips author Mimi Stockton will lead 12 lucky adventurists on a journey to discover their best selves.

“We want to welcome beginners to the joys of off-road racing with mountain bike trails that will build confidence and allow them to experience the fun of being in the dirt,” said Stockton. “We also have coaching and trails for intermediate and advanced athletes as well.”

Stockton, of Next Level Endurance, will have multiple coaches on-site to accommodate 12 athletes from beginners to experts. She said she chose Scottsdale because of the great weather, variety of trails, and beautiful location. She will offer both mountain bike sessions as well as swim and run clinics that will focus on both technique and fitness.

Learn more at https://nextlevelendurance.net

In Victoria, one of the all-time XTERRA greats is getting back to her off-road roots. Close your eyes and imagine your ideal coach. Tough, kind, incredibly knowledgeable, totally trustworthy, and maybe a bit of a badass.

If you just imagined three-time XTERRA World Champ Melanie McQuaid, you are in luck. This year, McQuaid will be leading the Tri the Dirt off-road triathlon camp from April 27th-29th at Bear Mountain Resort in Victoria, British Columbia. She and former pro mountain biker, Adam Walker will offer intense mountain bike coaching for both beginners and expert off-road athletes.

“For XTERRA and mountain bike racing, fundamental technical skills are always going to be a limiter if they are not in place,” said McQuaid of her decision to offer a camp. “So, I figure the most important coaching I could offer are the technical aspects of XTERRA and off-road triathlon. I partnered with Adam, an experienced skills coach, so together we can offer a camp of technical coaching that will blow people away.”

The Tri the Dirt Camp will kick off Friday evening with a hill running session and dinner. Saturday will begin with a mountain bike skills workshop, a session on bike set-up, and continue with a lesson on skills, including angulation, rotation, cornering, and pumping. The day will conclude with an open water swim practice. Sunday will be equally awesome and will include another mountain bike skills session and a duathlon to practice transitions.

McQuaid added that her camp is neither a train-cation nor a mad, overtraining opportunity. “We are going to make you better technically. You will see immediate results and take away knowledge that will continue to improve and break through to new levels in your sport.”

But this is also camp, meaning that the weekend is pretty much guaranteed to be a blast.

“In general, mountain biking demands a laid-back attitude,” said McQuaid. “It’s part of the culture. So as soon as a mountain bike is involved, people relax, have fun, and enjoy the connection to nature and other athletes. You are coming to Canada. We pride ourselves on friendliness, politeness, and kicking serious ass on mountain bikes. We would love to demonstrate all of the above at Tri the Dirt Camp.”

Learn more http://melrad.com / Video Preview

Finally, this summer, think about what a riot it will be to train with XTERRA World Champs Lesley Paterson and Mauricio Mendez in Mexico!

The two gregarious stars will lead a camp dubbed the “Braveheart Sunshine Suffer-fest” from August 16-19 at the picture-perfect resort of El Cozumeleño. And, Lesley’s husband, the renowned sport psychologist, Dr Simon Marshall, will work with you on your mental game as well.

Email simon [at] braveheartcoach.com to learn more.