Florida Runners Excited for XTERRA Trout Creek, March 25th

Mar. 9, 2018

The XTERRA Florida Trail Run Series was cut short last year due to the wrath of Hurricane Irma. But this year, XTERRA Trout Creek and the XTERRA Claw Run are back to the delight of many southern runners.

“Last year, the XTERRA Wildhorse course became a FEMA collection site when Hurricane Irma hit,” said race director Jim Hartnett.

Florida XTERRA fans are eagerly awaiting the March 25th return of XTERRA Trout Creek, which is a traditional and beautiful trail run.

“It’s just a wonderful course,” said Hartnett of the 15K and 5K events. “Runners will pass by three lakes on pristine single and double track. Additionally, the landscape is diverse from oak hammocks to grass to palmettos. We also incorporate a raised berm so you can see even more of the landscape.”

XTERRA Regional Champ, Jill Corbett is looking forward to the XTERRA Trout Creek 15K. “This year I feel like I’ll have a better race since I’ve run the course already,” said Corbett. “My training is going well this year. Last year when I did Trout Creek, I had only been back to running for about four months after being out with an injury for eight months. If it wasn't for being injured, I may not have ever tried a trail race so I feel blessed.”

Corbett is now hooked on XTERRA and is planning on running at the XTERRA National Trail Run Championship in Ogden, Utah. She wasn’t able to get there last year because of Hurricane Irma.

“Let’s just say that I am so happy to have found XTERRA trail running and I can’t wait to do more races.”

Corbett is also running in the XTERRA Claw Run 10-miler at Alafia State Park on May 6th.

“This particular event embodies what an XTERRA trail event is all about,” said XTERRA Regional Champ Jay Lund, about the XTERRA Claw Run 5-miler and 10-miler runs.

Hartnett admitted that at the XTERRA Claw Run, he “tweaks” the course each year and allows runners to veer off trails so they can experience a true Florida swampland adventure. This means that each year, the course is a bit different in terms of terrain and water crossings.

“I am registered for and ready to rock the upcoming XTERRA Trout Creek and XTERRA 'Claw' events,” said Lund. “I have already convinced several others to register as I continue to pound the XTERRA drum. I love everything XTERRA stands for.”

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