Catching up with the XTERRA Atlantic Series Champs

Mar. 9, 2018

Last year, the XTERRA Atlantic Series was one of the most competitive. From down to the wire finishes between Iain Banks and Evan Daney to record-breaking performances from Eric Barton, each race in the series was a chance to watch someone new raise the bar.

We recently caught up with some of the 2017 XTERRA Atlantic Regional Champs to see what their goals are for the season ahead.

Eric Barton (pictured), the four-time XTERRA Big Elk Champ has big plans for the XTERRA Atlantic Series as well as for his own life. He plans to do all four races in the series and has been gearing up for the XTERRA Brandywine 12K since January.

“I’m going into this race with one intention,” said Barton. “I want to break the current course record. I hope by the end of this season I will have a perfect score by winning each XTERRA Atlantic race and hopefully besting each course record in the process. It is my hope that by elevating my performance, the series elevates as well.”

Barton may have to cut this goal short however, because of an even bigger decision.

“It would be a dream come true to end the year with a fifth XTERRA Big Elk win, but I now have a goal that may take precedence over running. I have decided to join the United States Navy in pursuit of becoming a naval flight officer.”

Barton’s commissioning is already underway.

Last year’s 50-54 age group regional champ, Peter Tango is unfortunately sidelined this year with a torn meniscus.

“For the first time in many years I will be watching from the sidelines,” said Tango. “But stuff happens when you live life to the fullest. My goal is to be back on the trails this summer, and in the meantime, I will be trying to get some scientific publications in press, I’ll be mentoring others, and working that grey matter between my ears harder.”

Charles Brown was the 2017 55-59 age group champ in his rookie season of XTERRA trail running.

“The XTERRA Atlantic series was extremely beneficial to helping me develop and expand my skills,” said Brown, who did four of the five races last year and went on to the XTERRA Trail Run National Championship in Ogden, Utah in September. “This year I want to do longer runs so I’ll be at XTERRA Big Elk for the trail marathon and I plan to do XTERRA Wawayanda in the XTERRA Northeast Series. I also want to go back to Nationals, which was awesome last year. I loved the Tribe atmosphere!”

Brown lives near Baltimore and regularly hits the trails in Patapsco Valley, Oregon Ridge, Lake Roland, and Big Gunpowder.

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