XTERRA Travel… To the Trails End Hotel

Feb. 22, 2018

Imagine a hotel designed with the XTERRA racer in mind, and that’s exactly what you’ll find at the Trails End Hotel in Grabouw, South Africa.

Designed by Pieter Silberbauer and Johannes Matthewson, the hotel was created specifically for those with a passion for adventure. After spending more than two decades in the house building business, Silberbauer – a mountain biker– saw that their factory could be turned into a “bike hotel” like the ones he loved to stay at in Holland and Japan.

The pair was joined by Dr. Chad Gordon, an XTERRA enthusiast as well as XTERRA World Champ Brad Weiss’ chiropractor, and the adventurists’ dream hotel was born.

It’s no surprise The Trails End hotel attracts some of the best athletes in the world. Weiss is a frequent visitor, and just last year he joined Gordon on a three-day stage race and they stayed at Trails End.

“I really love Trails End,” said Weiss. “It’s the perfect getaway for any outdoor enthusiast and caters to all your needs.”

Specifically, the mountain bike and adventure hotel has 16 fully-serviced rooms which sleep from two to six guests depending on whether you are traveling with your significant other or your entire team. And not only is there a room for you, but there is also a special room to park your mountain bike and trail shoes, so you can literally jump out of bed and hit the trails.

Additionally, the hotel offers yoga and Pilates classes, bike training and workshops, healthy, organic breakfasts, a kid-friendly rock climbing wall, and an indoor pool, allowing you to meet both your training and vacation goals.

“A few weeks ago, Greg Minnaar, the three-time Downhill World Champ stayed with us,” said Silberbauer. “He chatted to our guests, who were all avid mountain bikers, and we all had a wonderful evening getting to hear about his adventures. We’ve also had Olympic bronze-medal winner Christoph Sauser, and Swiss mountain bikers Konny Looser and Ariane Luthi. What always strikes me is how humble the top athletes are. We’ve watched them transform kids’ lives by taking an interest, signing a shirt, offering tips.”

Silberbauer added that top South African trail runners – Meg Mackenzie and Landie Greyling – stay at Trails End, and America swimmers, Lexie Kelly and Ashley Twitchell were recent guests when they swam the Cape Mile, which is the same body of water that athletes will swim in during XTERRA South Africa this weekend.

“We also had South Africa’s famous cartoonist, Jonathan Shapiro and his wife stay,” added Silberbauer. “’Zapiro’ almost single-handedly brought down our previous president after lampooning him with his cartoons a few years ago. When he and his wife stayed, we all had a really nice cycle together in the morning.”

Silberbauer, Matthewson, and Gordon are incredibly excited about what lies ahead for Trails End. But this week, they are excited about XTERRA South Africa, which will take place near their doorstep.

“XTERRA has been part of my life since I finished school,” said Gordon. “I have been on a journey all over the world with sport as my vehicle and what a fancy ride it has been. It’s a ride that turns heads, gets you places, opens up conversation and gives you the opportunity to meet the most amazing people.”

For more information on Trails End, visit http://www.trailsend.bike.

For more on XTERRA South Africa, http://www.stillwatersports.com.

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