Catching up with XTERRA Georgia’s Tim Schroer

Feb. 15, 2018

Tim Schroer has been the race director of the XTERRA Georgia Series since 2008. Rather than just put on races, Tim uses trail running as a way to create camaraderie and community. As a result, the XTERRA Georgia Trail Running Series is one of the most popular. Tim and Dirty Spokes Productions offer a full docket of eight XTERRA Trail Runs in Georgia. They are held all year long in the beautiful state parks around Atlanta, making it easy to “Ditch the City.”

We recently caught up with him to learn what it takes to create a successful race day on the trails.

Q. What is your favorite thing so far about the XTERRA Georgia Trail series?
A. I really enjoy all aspects of our races. We have races all year and I really enjoy the different seasons … although to be honest, I enjoy some seasons more than others.

I love the different venues and state parks we get to showcase as well. The trails in Georgia are some of the best in the country. Not only are they beautiful, but they are incredibly well maintained. It’s a great thing to watch people out there using and enjoying them.

And that’s what it all comes down to, right? Watching the participants on race day. I love watching them compete against each other and the passion they have for trail running. There’s such a spirit of camaraderie out there. Experienced runners are always willing to give advice to first time trail runners or hang out before and after the race. It’s wonderful to see all of these people come together from all different walks of life for a common goal.

Q. Your races are like family affairs. Can you talk about that?
A. Absolutely! My wife and I have four daughters and we feel pretty fortunate to have them come out and help at the races. It's honestly pretty funny because on race day I typically get there about an hour before my wife and kids and our staff – which consists of two college students who I used to teach and coach in tennis. So when the minivan pulls up and the doors open I never know who is going to get out! Our daughters are 17, 15, 12, and 8 and they are fully involved in their own activities, such as swimming, running, cheerleading and gymnastics.

Q. Can you talk about your event company - Dirty Spokes Productions?
A. Our Dirty Spokes team and the volunteers who come out are amazing and I can’t say enough good things about them. We have a group of volunteers that come to all the races - no matter what the weather is like, including rain or snow, heat and cold - they show up and help with race day registration and all that goes with that. One hundred percent, we could not do this without our crew and volunteers.

All of us at Dirty Spokes are really proud to continue the tradition of donating money back to local organizations. Since we started, we have always taken great pride in giving back to local trail building and maintenance groups for their efforts in helping with our races. Since 2005, we have donated over $103,000 to local trail organizations.

Q. What makes your races so successful?
A. I have to give the runners full credit. It’s about them, not us, and we get that. We want everyone who shows up to not only have a great race day experience but also to have a great experience leading up to the race, from easy registration to a race shirt they love. We try to be meticulous about everything from finding killer trails to creating unique awards. Additionally, we have some of the best and most unique sponsors that support our events, like Elizabeth Nance from East Coast Bath and Body who donated XTERRA branded soap to help clean up the post-run dirt.

We try to bring the family atmosphere to our participants as well. When people come to our races we want them to walk away and feel like they are part of our family and know that they are part of the XTERRA family.

2018 XTERRA Georgia Trail Run Series

09/23/17 XTERRA Harbins Park Trail Run
10/14/17 XTERRA Fort Yargo Trail Run
10/28/17 XTERRA Battle at Big Creek Trail Run
11/11/17 XTERRA Little Mulberry Park Trail Run
12/02/17 XTERRA Mt. Tabor Trail Run
02/17/18 XTERRA Thrill in the Hills Trail Run
05/19/18 XTERRA UNG Trail Run  
08/11/18 XTERRA Allatoona Creek Trail Run


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