XTERRA Pick Your Poison Promises a Wicked Run

Sep. 20, 2017

On October 8th, the XTERRA Pick Your Poison 5k and 10k Trail Runs will start your Halloween season off on the right foot. Held in the magnificent Rio Grande del Norte National Monument, the course includes the Big Arsenic and Little Arsenic Trails.

Rugged gravel paths wind down into the spectacular Rio Grande Gorge, past gorgeous ponderosa pine groves and natural fresh-water springs. Runners will pass ancient petroglyphs and sections of the wild Rio Grande only seen from the trail. The run ends with an outrageous climb 800 feet back up to the mesa - at points using both a staircase and a ladder - for a truly unique experience.

The 10k run includes 1,365 feet of total descent and ascent. The loop includes stunning views, petroglyphs, Big & Little Arsenic natural springs, a river trail, and a lung busting last three quarters of a mile at a 20 percent grade. 

The 5k will have the same challenging finish as the 10k but will include only 925 feet of climbing.

All of the race proceeds will benefit the Questa Drama Club and their 2018 New York City Trip. Look for these charismatic young people, who will be volunteering on the course.

For more information and to register, visit www.pickyourpoisonrace.com.

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