Matt Haley's Favorite Workout

Aug. 3, 2017

XTERRA Ambassador Matt Haley has been the XTERRA Georgia Regional Champ every year since 2013. 

One of the secrets to his success is fartlek training, or "speedplay." In a fartlek workout, you alternate your steady-state pace with faster bursts. This is a great way to simulate race conditions and learn how to put in surges when you need them. Additionally, fartlek training reduces the chance of overuse injuries because it alternates high intensity with periods of rest.

Q. Matt, can you share one of your favorite workouts?
A. I typically hit the track once a week for an interval workout. I tend to like longer repeats where I can settle into a groove. Then I finish with something shorter and faster to get in some turnover.

If I had to pick a favorite though, it'd probably pick a fartlek workout. I've been doing 30-60-90 workouts since college at Keene State in New Hampshire and that's always been a staple for me.

I pick a run between 7 and 10 miles and throw in three to five sets of alternating pick ups and rest. I go 30 seconds hard with 30 seconds rest and then 60 seconds hard with 60 seconds rest and then 90 seconds hard with 90 seconds rest.

After I finish five sets, I finish the run up-tempo to increase my lactic acid threshold. 

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