America Tour Notes

Aug. 22, 2017

Last weekend was one of the busiest on the XTERRA America Tour as athletes scrambled for points towards a regional championship, a final training run, or simply another chance to be back on the trails.

XTERRA Lake Tahoe
Up in beautiful Lake Tahoe, Sian Turner had the fastest bike split of the day by ten minutes, which was good enough for the win, even though runner up Kristin Corbett was first out of the water and Janet Soule had the fastest run of the day. Turner finished in 3:39:39, Corbett in 3:45:09, and Soule in 3:49:56.

In the men's race, John Donovan came out of the water a minute ahead and held tight to his lead, crossing the finish in 2:56:50. Runner up Donatus Ereminas came through in 3:09:3 and Matthew Balzer was close behind in 3:10:42.

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XTERRA Aspen Valley
We were expecting to see Kara LaPoint on her home turf at XTERRA Lake Tahoe, but she was at XTERRA Aspen Valley where she cruised to an easy win by crushing it on the bike and run. She was fourth overall, but her split on the run was the third fastest of the day. She finished about eight minutes ahead of Jill Sorensen's time of 2:03:43. 2016 Pan Am Champ Janel Klug was third in 2:10:42.

Pro Brad Zoller made swimming look easy, and exited the water ahead of the pack. Michael Dorr was slightly faster on the run and bike but it wasn't enough to cover Zoller's gap. This is Zoller's second XTERRA so far this month. On August 5th he was third behind pro Ben Allen and Pan Am Champ Nelson Hegg at XTERRA Indian Peaks.

Zoller's time of 1:45:22 was about four minutes faster than Michael Dorr's 1:49:34, but because of Dorr's excellent performance at XTERRA Oak Mountain in May, he already qualified for the XTERRA World Championships in Maui this October. Peter Santini was third in 1:54:12.

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XTERRA Tri the Torture
Further south, in New Mexico, Isabel Contreras tortured everyone for two hours and eighteen minutes, finishing about ten minutes ahead of Tropha Wright. Liesel McAllister, who has been on the podium all season in the Texas races was third in 2:38:59. Currently, McAllister has 292 points for the season in the South Central Region, just behind Lara Houseman's 331. (Houseman took a weekend off after racing XTERRA Panther Creek on July 30th and XTERRA DINO on August 5th.)

In the men's race, Hadji Corona was the champ in 1:58:49. Michael Kloosterman was the runner up in 2:02:03, and Clay Moseley was third in 2:04:18. Kloosterman is currently battling for the title of Regional Champ of the Mountain Region in the 30-34 age group with Louis Cicchino. Before the race, Kloosterman had 243 points to Cicchino's 242. The next week will reveal how that battle will shake out.

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Photo Courtesy of John Reed

At the second annual XTERRA Auburn, 15-year old Reed Legg, finished almost four minutes in front of Kevin Jett's 1:18:08. Then it was David Meadows (1:18:40), Pan Am Champ Darren Cox (1:18:53), and Texas standout, Hans Ryham (1:18:59).

Cox qualified for Worlds at XTERRA Oak Mountain but he may be gunning for the title of Atlantic Regional Champ in the 50-54 age bracket. Before the race, he had 325 points to Richard Szymanski's 378.

Ryham is currently leading the points race for South Central Regional Champ in the 35-39 age group. If he wins the title, he will break Kyle Grieser's winning streak for the first time in 13 years.

The women's race was no surprise with rookie Amy Carver taking the title of XTERRA Auburn Champ with her time of 1:27:45. Amanda Frost was the runner up in 1:31:12 and Emily Richey was third in 1:46:41.

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Next up on the XTERRA America Tour is the final race of the season, XTERRA Iron Creek on August 26th in Spearfish, South Dakota.

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