2017 XTERRA Regional Champs

Aug. 30, 2017

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On Saturday, XTERRA Iron Creek brought the 2017 XTERRA America Tour to a close, and with it, the fierce battle for XTERRA Regional Championship titles.

2017 was the first season with the new rules in which "Every Race Counts." This year, athletes could enter as many races as they wanted to score the most points - by gender, age group, and residence. The winner earned the title of Regional Champ, and with it, a qualifying spot into the XTERRA World Championship race to be held October 29th in Kapalua, Maui.

As always, some long-time champs made their winning streaks even longer, while others were beaten in close and hard-fought battles.

2011 Mr. XTERRA and former National Champ Steve Cole won his region again, making him the only racer in XTERRA history to win all 17 regional championships, since 2001. Currently racing in the Southeast Region in the 60-64 age group, Cole won with 517 points.

On the women's side, Beverly Enslow was the Midwest Regional Champ in the 60-64 division. It's her 16th title and makes her the winningest female in Regional Champ history. Linda Usher, in the Northeast Region, won her 14th and Barbara Peterson, in the West Region, won her 13th.

GL Brown, in the Midwest, also won his 13th title, and Errol Lassiter won his 12th out of the Southeast Region. Ron Hill, 80, won his 11th Regional Champ title in the Northwest.

Other athletes who have collected 10 or more regional championship crowns include Cindi Toepel with 14; Russell Clark with 13; Kyle Grieser with 12;  Casey Fannin, Kathy Frank, Hans Dieben, Mike Carter, and Ken Robins with 11. Charlotte Mahan has 10. 

The South Central Region fought until the very last race. In the 15-19 division, Jared Clark barely nudged out Evan Marietta by three points. In the 35-39 category, Hans Ryham came out ahead of Kyle Grieser, breaking Grieser's 12-year streak. Ryham, who was a Regional Champ last year as well, didn't even know about the new rules until mid-way through the season.

Up until last week, Lara Houseman led the 35-39 age group in the South Central region, but after Liesel McAllister placed third in XTERRA Tri the Torture in New Mexico, she jumped to the top, 367 to 331.

In the Atlantic Region, Jennifer Elder Brady broke the tie with Kate Lucas in the 45-49 division, and Sian Turner  took the title for 35-39 women in the West.

By the time the points were tallied, Michael Kloosterman easily won the regional crown in the Mountain Region for the 30-34 bracket, and in the Southeast, it was no surprise that Dewight Winchester, Caleb Baity, and Marcus Barton took their respective age groups.

Newcomer Amy Carver was undefeated all year and won the women's 45-49 division, while Pan Am Champ Mimi Stockton took the same division in the Midwest. Angie DiFilippi and Deanna McCurdy won the women's 40-44 age group in the Northeast and Mountain regions, respectively.

We'll have more stories from how the regions were won next week.

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