XTERRA Castle Rock Trail Run Designed by Ultra Legend, Peter Maksimow

Jul. 18, 2017

The XTERRA Castle Rock Trail Run, on August 6th, is the final race in the XTERRA Colorado Trail Run Series. You can choose your race distance of 5K,10K, or 20K.

The second annual race will be held in the beautiful Phillip S Miller Park. You can run on the freshly-cut, soft-surface trails that are a part of the town’s largest ever park project. From magnificent single and double track, you can take in the impressive views of Castle Rock, Colorado as the trail twists and winds over the flowing race course.

Signature Course by Peter Maksimow
The designer and course manager of the XTERRA Colorado Trail Run Series is Peter Maksimow, also known as “The Prez."

An elite mountain, trail, and ultra runner and member of the silver medal winning US team at the 2015 World Long Distance Mountain Running Championships, Maksimow is a 4-time champion of the Greenland Trail 50K. He is also the 2nd fastest finisher of a 50K run in the state of Colorado and a 7-time top ten finisher at the Pikes Peak Ascent.

"The XTERRA Castle Rock Trail Run offers participants a chance to have the time of their lives and to measure themselves against the elements of nature in an unmatched atmosphere," said race director, Arnold Soliman.  "You don't need to be an elite runner to participate. You just need desire and a good pair of running shoes. With a Peter Maksimow  course and Colorado dirt trails, you are sure to experience exhilarating moments every runner lives for."

Castle Rock is located midway between Colorado Springs and Denver in the Colorado foothills. Named for the prominent, castle-shaped butte near the center of town, Castle Rock was settled in the late 1870's based on rumors of gold hidden in its rocks.

Now, it's a thriving small town with an abundance of outdoor activities to choose from. Located at 6200 feet in the Colorado foothills, Castle Rock has the perfect arid climate for mountain biking  and running through the abundant trails and meadows.

There is plenty to do for the entire family. The Philip S. Miller Park’s outdoor space includes a playground with 60-foot slide, a 200-step challenge staircase, a turf field, and the Headrush Towers, which are 40-foot and 80-foot towers that kids can climb up, repel down, or even free fall from.

To register for the XTERRA Castle Rock Trail Run, visit www.XTERRAColorado.com.



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