XTERRA Tisvilde Trail Run is Legendary

Jun. 21, 2017

Legend has it that anyone who is sick must come to Helene Spring in Tisvilde, Denmark on Sankt Hans - or Midsummer's Eve - which is celebrated on June 23rd.

We think the legend should include an extra day. That way you can also run the XTERRA Tisvilde Trail Run on June 24th.

Both 5K and 10K courses are offered so you can choose your distance through the beautiful Tisvilde Hegn, which is the oldest plantation in Denmark. It is now designated as a Natura 2000 area, due to its rare habitat-types, animals, and important birdlife.

The Tisvilde Hegn was planted in the early 1800's to prevent the nearby sand dunes from overtaking the farms and fields surrounding Tisvilde. The course will also take you along sandy trails that hug the North Sea.


Tisvilde is easy to get to and is only 45 minutes from Copenhagen by car and about one and a half hours by train. This charming lake district town is full of history from St. Helene's tomb to the Tibirke Church, which pre-dates Christianity.

For more information and to register for the XTERRA Tisvilde Trail Run and Triathlon, visit www.xterranordic.com.

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