XTERRA Abruzzo is "Primo" for Active Families

Jun. 26, 2017

Some of the best off-road triathletes in the world will be heading to Italy for XTERRA Abruzzo on July 30th. But at its heart, this is an event for active families who want to immerse themselves in the food, culture, and beauty of the area.

"The type of family and athlete attention you will get at XTERRA Abruzzo is truly incredible," said XTERRA managing director, Dave Nicholas. "There are affordable family excursions from Thursday through Saturday offering everything from a relaxed hike to a guided mountain bike ride."

For athletes competing in XTERRA Abruzzo, guided course previews and a thirty minute massage are included in race registration. Families and companions are welcome to join and will receive discounts on rental bikes and massage packages.

Alternatively, while athletes pre-ride the course, families and friends can hike to the Path of the Heart, Lake San Domenico, and Castrovalva. All hikes are led by a local guide and most include a stop at a local stazzo - or resting spot - for a sampling of food from the region.

Evenings are also family affairs and include music, pasta, and wonderful company.

"We always say, 'XTERRA is family,'" said Kostas Koumargialis, marketing director, XTERRA Europe. "What race director Massimo Massacesi has done transforms an elite racing experience into an elite racing experience the whole family can enjoy."

Whether you are an athlete who has spent too much time away from your family or you are simply looking for a unique and affordable way to experience the heart and soul of Italy, XTERRA Abruzzo is a wonderful way to spend a summer weekend with the tribe.

For more information about XTERRA Abruzzo, visit www.xterra-italy.it.