Grieser, McAllister Win XTERRA Muleshoe

Jun. 19, 2017

XTERRA Muleshoe kicked off summer racing on the shores of Lake Travis, just outside of Spicewood, Texas. 

The men's champ, Kyle Griesercame out of the water in seventh place overall. His quick transition to the bike was followed by an uber fast ride to put him in first place with a time of 1:42:30. Runner up Hans Ryham was about eight minutes behind in 1:50:52 and Philippe Le Duffe was third in 1:53:54.

"Kyle had a very impressive race this past weekend taking first place overall," said race director, Joel Grimmett. "He narrowly missed out on first place last year to Andy Lee, and last weekend, at XTERRA Gator Terra, he had a tire blowout. But today, there is no doubt that Kyle redeemed himself."

The cedar-lined trail system at Muleshoe Bend Recreation Area includes limestone outcroppings and ledges, hairpin turns, gravel washes, compressed dirt, some stairs, and rock paths. Despite the technical sections and rain the night before, XTERRA Muleshoe remained fast for the race. 

"Liesel McAllister won the women's race in her second XTERRA triathlon ever," said Grimmett. "At XTERRA ATX in April, she finished just behind Melanie Etherton.  Today, Liesel was the fourth woman out of the water. She really excelled on the bike leg and then had a strong run. She finished in 2:15:42, about nine minutes ahead of runner up, Alissa Magrum who finished in 2:24:41."

Martsel Emile Leiva was third in 2:29:49.

Age grouper, Jenny Burden, whose blog Cowgirls Tri is always entertaining, was the hero of the day and helped out a fellow competitor who was having an asthma attack. From her blog:

My friend Sara passed me a mile or so into the first loop, so I was very surprised to see her at the top of a hill not long after that. I won't lie, I was hoping she had a flat tire or something so I'd have a miniscule chance of beating her (we are in the same age group) but when I got close, I could hear her gasping for air and knew she was having an asthma attack.

Say it with me, people: Respiratory distress is NOT to be messed with. If you pass someone on the trail, even in a race, who is having trouble breathing, you STOP, even if they are your competitor! She was struggling to get her inhaler with her gloves on thanks to the TINY pockets on tri tops, so I helped her find it and pull it out, and stayed with her until her breathing was back to normal and she was ready to go. She probably would have been fine on her own - she's a smart, grown adult who knows what to do - but it's never worth the risk. I'm not going to win at the expense of a friend needing a ride in the ambulance instead of on their bike.

Next up in the Pure Austin Fitness Texas XTERRA Series is XTERRA Magnolia Hill on July 15th.

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