Close Finish at XTERRA Deep South 15K

Jun. 7, 2017

It's rare that a run as long as a 15K has a close finish, and even more rare that the top three are battling it out. But last weekend's XTERRA Deep South Trail Run on June 3rd had a finish more suited to a 1500 than a nine mile race.

Cady Nix, Jameisha Washington, and Christine Curtin all finished within 30 seconds of each other. Nix came through in 1:22:13 while Washington and Curtin battled it out in 1:22:43 and 1:22:44.

"We had some really exciting performances today," said race director, Tim Schroer. "Jameisha and Christine were neck and neck while in the men's race, Alex and Aaron crossed the line together. Matt Haley also finished super strong and beat the field by about three minutes."

Schroer added that his daughter Julia helped at the start and his daughter Blakely ran.

Both the 15K and 5K races started in an open field to allow runners to spread out before hitting single track. A bit before the two mile mark, the 15K and 5K runners split off into different directions. Each course featured different terrain, including dirt and gravel roads, bridge crossings, roots, single track, and double track.

"Temperatures were good but the humidity was pretty high," said Schroer. "It felt good in the woods, especially as the runners dropped down towards the creek."

XTERRA Deep South Trail Run was sixth in the XTERRA Georgia Series. The final race of the season is the XTERRA Allatoona Creek Park Trail Run on August 12th.


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