XTERRA Ilhabela Trail Run Winners Qualify for Worlds

May. 22, 2017

In Brazil, the XTERRA Ilhabela Trail Run was held on May 13th, a day before the XTERRA Ilhabela Off-Road Triathlon. For the first time, the top five male and female runners qualified for the XTERRA Trail Run World Championship 21K that will take place on December 3rd on Oahu.

“This is a very popular trail run,” said race director, Wanise Plischke. “The fact that the top athletes will qualify for the XTERRA Trail Run World Championship race highlights the strength of our event.”

Antonio Jose Goncalves Da Silva won easily in 1:34:37 while runner up William Damiao Zeferino Paiva finished in 1:39:43. Joseilton Da Silva Santos was third in 1:39:59.

Geisla Dos Santos Moraes was the women’s champ with a time of 2:01:49, which was no surprise as she was on top of the podium last year as well. Claudete Nunes Lima with a time of 2:08:30, and Ana Carla Koetz Prade was third in 2:13:56.

The race was held on the beautiful island of Ilhabela, off the coast of Sao Paulo, Brazil. Located 207km/127mi from Sao Paulo, the island of Ilhabela can only be accessed by ferry. It is is a popular tourist destination because of its regattas, beautiful beaches, and excellent restaurants.

In addition to the Half Marathon Trail Run, a 9.3K Night Run was held at 7:30 PM on May 13th.

“The night run is always spectacular,” said Plischke. “The head lamps at the start make quite a show, and it’s beautiful to run the trails at night with other runners. The whole weekend was perfect for families and beginner athletes as well as the pros.”

Learn more at www.xterrabrasil.com.

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