XTERRA Charlottesville Trail Run Debuts May 20th

May. 4, 2017

The new XTERRA Charlottesville Trail Run trails are special.

Not only are they fast, flowy, and gorgeous, they were designed by former pro-cyclist Andy Guptill and built by the students in the Miller School of Albemarle's Endurance Team.

Guptill raced as a mountain biker and cyclist for years before he became the Director of the Endurance Program at the Miller School of Albemarle in Virginia.

The Miller School of Albermarle is an incredible place to be if you are a high-school endurance athlete. Practice time is built into the academic day so no student-athlete misses a beat in or out of the classroom. The best part is that students get to train and live in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains.

In addition to training in a prestigious academic environment, the students at the Miller School learn bike maintenance and spend time building trails and maintaining them, all part of their curriculum.

The XTERRA Charlottesville Trail Run will be held on some of these trails, including two 5K loops on meticulously-maintained single track with rolling hills and a few tough climbs.

XTERRA Charlottesville will also be the first race back for XTERRA Ambassador Clark Jackson, who has been undergoing cancer treatment since December.

“My doctor thinks I'm crazy because they never had anyone to train through radiation treatment before," said Jackson.

We are thrilled to report that he is feeling better after a couple of tough weeks.

"I spent a lot of time walking the floor and praying," Clark said. "But I’m feeling better now and I’m starting to run again.”

His treatment is over and by October, he will learn if he is cancer free. At XTERRA Charlottesville, we have no doubt he will be having fun and encouraging everyone around him.

Learn more about the Endurance Program at the Miller School:


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