Ricard, Sullivan Win XTERRA Jersey Devil

May. 4, 2017

Legend has it that in the 1700’s, a devil flew into the Pine Barrens of New Jersey, where his ghost remains, haunting people to this day.

However, in the XTERRA Jersey Devil, held on April 30th, the only one doing the haunting was Rob Ricard, who finished over a minute ahead of runner up Daryl Weaver with a winning time of 1:26:05. Iain Banks was third in 1:28:17.

“It’s ridiculous how many 40-somethings were just on fire today,” said race director and 5X XTERRA Regional Champ, Bob Horn. “If you finished 10th, you were still 7th in the 40-44 division. This seems to be a sweet spot for XTERRA racers because you finally have the skills on the mountain bike to get it done.”

Horn was humble about his 2016 title saying that the only reason he won was because Rob Ricard wasn’t racing last year.

On a side note, Iain Banks has been running XTERRA Trail Races all spring in the Atlantic Series and has had quite a rivalry with Evan Daney (who did not race in the XTERRA Jersey Devil). The two will again be going head to head on May 7th in the XTERRA Lums Pond Trail Run in Bear, Delaware.  

In the women’s race, elite racer Debby Sullivan crossed the tape first in 1:39:49 with Amanda Bayer a minute back. Angie Defilippi was the second amateur in 1:45:54, and Stephanie Landy was the third in 1:48:16.

"I had some good pressure from Amanda," said Sullivan. "She was fast out of the water and then put the pressure on me running."

Sullivan used the XTERRA Jersey Devil to prep for the upcoming XTERRA Oak Mountain on May 20th. "I have been dealing with some back issues and the goal was to put in a good race effort and put all three together before Alabama. Now I have a couple weeks to continue to work out the kinks and hopefully be ready to see how I stack up in big field of women at Oak Mountain." 

Finish videos are posted along with the complete race results. Next up on the XTERRA America Tour is XTERRA Renegade on May 6th in San Dimas, CA. 


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