Paterson Will Hold Book Signing at XTERRA Oak Mountain

May. 18, 2017

Two-time XTERRA World Champ. Coach at Braveheart Coaching. Actress.

If you've ever wondered how Lesley Paterson does it all, now is your chance to find out. She and husband Simon Marshall, Ph.D., have written a book entitled, The Brave Athlete. Calm the F*ck Down and Rise to the Occasion.

Rather than discuss how to make and set goals so you can race like a champion, Marshall and Paterson have written about how to think like a champion.

“We wanted to address the 13 common problems that hold athletes back,” said Paterson. “Goal setting is great but it doesn’t take care of the inward journey. You have to set your life up for success before you can race successfully. To that end, our book is a guide to creating the environment you need to achieve positive results.”

Each of the 13 sections of the book is based on a common doubt, like:

I wish I felt more like an athlete.

I wish I looked more like an athlete.

I don’t handle pressure well.

Those who have seen Paterson race may be surprised to realize that when she won the XTERRA World Championship in 2011, she didn’t believe she deserved it.

“After the race, the bottom fell out,” said Paterson. “There was so much expectation. I worried that I didn’t deserve to win in 2011, and if that was true, then I wouldn’t be able to repeat it.”

Paterson spent the next year finding her way through her own mental landmines.

“I had to remember why I was racing in the first place,” said Paterson. “For me, ‘the why’ is because I love how my body feels when I’m fit and strong and moving through nature. It’s a primal thing. And it’s an ethereal thing. It wasn’t an external goal. It was all inside work.”

Once Paterson was able to let go of her own judgement and expectation, her approach became one of gratitude and self-discovery.

“After I found ‘the why,’ I could come back and win the XTERRA World Championship again in 2012. Rather than think about what everyone expected, I focused on how grateful I was for being able to have the life I had. As a result, 2012 was a much more joyous experience.”

Lesley’s husband, Dr. Simon Marshall, is an internationally renowned expert in exercise and health with a focus on changing negative behaviors. He has a bachelor’s degree in sports science, a master’s degree in kinesiology, and a PhD in sport and exercise psychology.

Marshall uses his expertise to coach athletes with Paterson through Braveheart Coaching.

“Ultimately, we want to help people with the embarrassing doubts that no one wants to talk about,” said Paterson. “What’s great is that all of this is transferrable to your life. Sport forces you to deal with who you really are. When you get better at sport, you get better at life.”

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Paterson will have a book signing at XTERRA Oak Mountain on Friday, May 19th at 3 pm to introduce the book and answer questions.

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