Paterson, Rivera Win XTERRA Renegade

May. 10, 2017

Even though Lesley Paterson has been taking some time off from racing to write a book, train a movie star, and coach a stable of 30 athletes, the pint-size Scot proved she is still in fighting shape.

Fourth overall, Paterson was the first female pro, coming in at 1:51:26, almost eight minutes ahead of amateur Heather Wilson, who finished in 1:59:10. Second was Kathryn Lockwood in 2:04:05 and third for the amateurs was Kristin Corbett in 2:04:45.

“My health is on the up and up and I’m enjoying being back out there, racing hard,” said Paterson. “The Renegade course was super fun but more than anything, it was amazing to see everyone. The XTERRA community is everything to me.”

On the men’s side, Humberto Rivera broke the tape in 1:50:48 while Art Custer was second in 1:51:02. John Sarikas was third in 1:51:26.

The half-mile swim, 15-mile bike, and 3-mile run wasn’t the only race of the day. XTERRA Renegade also offered a duathlon of a 15 mile mountain bike ride and 2, 3-mile runs.

In the duathlon, the 40-49 age group was strong. Jason Tuffs was the duathlon champ in 2:16:09 and Walter Perryman was runner up in 2:19:44. Rob Teixeira was third in 2:21:20.

(From left to right: Perryman, Tuffs, and Teixeira)

“The pre-race vibe was chill and a reminder of why I compete in the dirt,” said Teixeira. “Folks who don’t mind dirt tend to be more laid back in general.

“The weather was ideal, starting out in the upper 60’s and staying in the 70’s with good cloud cover and some drizzle. The course was definitely challenging with a lot of short, steep climbs. I saw a lot of red faces and heard some hard breathing on the hills. In general, throughout the course, everyone was polite, and provided we weren’t in the middle of a crazy climb or steep descent, we were all willing to exchange a few words of motivation.”

The father-son team of Tim and Evan Peters also had a great morning. Evan finished first in his age group and 6th overall out of sixteen. Tim finished 3rd in his age group and 11th overall.

“We both ran and rode hard and pushed ourselves not just to finish, but to finish well,” said Tim Peters. “We were tired afterwards but felt really good about our accomplishment knowing we gave it our all.”

Peters added that despite their reluctance to swim, both are considering the full triathlon next year.

The XTERRA Renegade also offered two trail runs, a recreational triathlon, and a relay division.

XTERRA Renegade is the 7th race on the XTERRA America Tour. May 20-21 will be a big weekend for the America Tour with XTERRA Charlottesville, XTERRA Way Over Yonder, and XTERRA Oak Mountain on May 20th. XTERRA St. Louis will take place on May 21st.

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