Lesley Paterson Will Race XTERRA Renegade on Saturday

May. 3, 2017

This Saturday, some of XTERRA’s most dynamic personalities will be tearing it up at XTERRA Renegade, in San Dimas, California.

Lesley Paterson, two-time XTERRA World Champion will be racing the triathlon. Despite the fact that she has been coaching, writing a book, and training a Hollywood actress for a lead role, Paterson has been keeping up with her own training.

A few weeks ago, at the XTERRA Black Mountain 15K Trail Run, Paterson won the women’s race easily and was ninth place overall. 

“There’s such a purity in our sport,” said Paterson. “It’s about feeling fit and strong and moving through nature. Of course we push each other, but it’s also about supporting each other too.”

The XTERRA Renegade Triathlon will be held in Bonelli Park. The half-mile swim, 15-mile bike, and 3-mile trail run is challenging enough for the experienced triathlete but short enough for a novice to have a blast and experience off-road racing.

In addition, the Renegade Duathlon will follow the same course but without the swim. Instead, the 15-mile mountain bike ride will be bookended with two, 3-mile runs. 

Rob Teixeira, a fireman and triathlon coach from LA County, is already fired up for the duathlon.

“The trails in Bonelli Park are like my second home,” said Teixiera. “There’s nothing I like more than me and my two wheels in the dirt.” 

You can watch Rob’s video of the XTERRA Renegade course at Bonelli Park here.


Tim Peters and his son Evan have been training all spring for the event.

“When I found out about the race, I told my son and he said, ‘I was just thinking I’d like to do a triathlon, but without the swim,’” Peters said. “For me, I know this time training with my son will be a memory I’ll have for the rest of my life.”

The father son duo have been running 2-3 times a week and biking on the trails twice a week to get ready for XTERRA Renegade. Peters said that when he and Evan are training, they are all business.

“But when we are heading out or cooling down, it’s been great to talk to Evan about work and school and our key workouts and goals. Sometimes we mountain bike with friends from our church and we talk about how we live out our faith in daily life.”

Learn more and register for XTERRA Renegade at www.renegaderaceseries.com