Kickin' It With Kaley

May. 11, 2017

Kaley Rehorn has been racing since she was a kid.

“I was probably eight or ten in my first race,” said the 24-year old. “My mom signed me up for everything: IronKids Triathlons, Davis Kids Triathlon, swim lessons, races, even ice hockey one season. Finally she figured out I’m pretty decent at the whole swim bike run situation.”

Kaley continued to swim in high school, competing in long distance events in freestyle and backstroke and qualified for CIF Sectionals. She also competed for Sierra College where her 400 freestyle relay team made it to the state meet.

From there, she progressed to full-time partying.

“I partied hard after I turned 21,” said Kaley. “All my friends were into it. But then, I was like, this is not right. So I started running and getting on my bike again.”

By the summer of 2013, Kaley was signing up for sprint triathlons and local races. She soon turned to XTERRA racing because “Road biking just isn’t that exciting. My parents took us quote unquote mountain biking when we were kids and I wanted to get back to that. Of course, we were just riding our regular bikes on some trails, but I went out and bought a mountain bike.”

Kaley is humble and says that she is still learning, but then she starts to talk about her new, full-suspension bike.

“It’s a thrill for sure. I grew up in Rio Linda and we were always outside playing on our bikes in the dirt. Maybe that’s why I have no fear.”

It might have been this lack of fear (and a lot of hard work) that brought Kaley the win at the XTERRA Pan Am Championship in Utah last year.

“I remember getting to the top of the bike portion and not feeling tired. The year before I bonked at this point in the race so I was happy I had a lot left for the downhill and to finish the run. I didn’t see anyone in my age group pass me, but I wasn’t going to let myself think I won until I knew for sure.”

Her favorite memory of the day is driving with her two friends up to T2 to drop off her run gear. “We were blasting my favorite song and I was so excited to race. I LOVE the Utah course and I can’t wait to go back,” said Kaley.

While it might seem like someone Kaley’s age has the freedom to train – and party – all day and night, but this isn’t the case. Instead, she works 10 hours a day in her family’s business, Rehorn RV Collision Center in Sacramento. A quick glance on Yelp shows about 20 5-star ratings, and many accolades for excellent work and friendly service.

“After college, I decided to work for my dad full time. I run the office now and pretty much do everything except fix the cars,” said Kaley. “Then I come home and work out for as long as there’s daylight. It’s great this time of year. Sure, there are some nights I want to go home after work at drink beer and eat pizza on the couch, but it’s so much more rewarding to jump on my bike instead.”

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