Catching Up With Richard Kimani

May. 23, 2017

Richard Kimani, the Oak Mountain 20K Trail Run Champ moved from Ngong, Kenya in July of 2016 to race and train in the US. He and his wife currently live in Birmingham, Alabama.

Q How did you feel during the race? Did you lead from the beginning?
A.I felt strong the entire time. I led from the beginning but I knew Darren Brown would be strong competition if he got close.

Q. What is your training like?
A. I train early in the morning and then late in the afternoon. Red Mountain Park is my favorite place to run. I also enjoy the blue trail at Oak Mountain State Park.

Q.How is training in Kenya different from the US?
A. I spent five years training Kenya in Ngong and Eldoret. In Kenya, large groups of runners train together every day, early in the morning. In the US, the groups are much smaller and meet only a few days a week. Also in Kenya, there are far fewer breaks during training and no days off for recovery.

Q. What else are you doing in addition to training?
A. I am currently volunteering at the Lakeshore Foundation with the youth adaptive track and field team. I hope that soon I will work in therapeutic massage. I want to athletes avoid injury and improve their recovery after competition.

Q. What are your long term plans?
A. I want to continue training and racing in distance events on both roads and trails. I am not currently training to make an Olympic team as I have been concentrating on local races and adjusting to life in the US. However I would like to run in the Olympic Marathon Trials in the future.

Q. Will we see you at the XTERRA Trail Run World Championship this December?
A. Absolutely!



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