Test Your Endurance at the XTERRA Shepaug Run Raiser Trail Run

Mar. 9, 2017

The XTERRA Trail Run Series will kickoff for the Northeast Region on March 25th at the XTERRA Shepaug Run Raiser Trail Run in Bridgewater, Connecticut. The carnival of races includes a 10K, 25K, 50K and 80K (50 miler). Proceeds from the race will benefit the Shepaug Baseball and Softball program.

“We are so excited to kick off the season and celebrate spring with lots of mud sloshing on the trails. Maybe even ice,” said race director, Denise Mast. “It’s March, after all.”

The course winds through Bridgewater and Roxbury’s backcountry over some of the most beautiful land in Connecticut. Over roads, railroad beds, and trails, runners gain 2000 feet of elevation on the 25K course, which is the full loop. 10K runners climb less than 1000 feet, and 50K runners do the 25K course twice. 80K runners complete the 25K course three times.

The well-marked race starts on grass and gravel, heads onto a paved walking path, and then turns into the woods for an out and back run. The 25K extends the 10K course out to the tranquil trails of the Roxbury Land Trust and around the Roxbury Pond for a different path back to the finish.

The Shepaug Trail Run is the first of four races in the XTERRA Northeast Trail Run Series.

Learn more and register for the 10K, or test your endurance and try a longer distance.

The Runners in all of XTERRA’s Trail Run Series are racing for points towards their regional championship and the complimentary entry into XTERRA Nationals that goes with it. .



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