XTERRA Ambassador Profile - Tina Weissauer

Feb. 24, 2017

Meet Tina Weissauer. This almost 40-year old was born and raised in Los Angeles and is now tearing up the local trails alongside the ever loyal and active XTERRA SoCal Trail Run Series diehards. She is new to the XTERRA Ambassador team but has been vital to the energy and growth of the series over the past 7 years. Keep reading to see why we find her so inspiring!

Number of Years Racing XTERRA: 7

What kind of trail running shoe will you wear? HOKA, and ALTRA

Sponsor: Fit and Wild

Best XTERRA finish: I would have to say Boney Mountain 2017.  I raced well and the wind was really, really strong. I was the 9th woman and beat the number 10 by one second!  Made me happy, didn’t even know she was coming for me! I was fast that day too, usually I am 11 or 12 overall for the women.

Favorite XTERRA? So hard to choose...Point Mugu for the views, Malibu Creek for the toughness, XTERRA Trail Run Nationals in Ogden, UT for both!

Other big races on your schedule: LA Marathon, this year I will be turning 40 so on my 40th my goal is to run 40 miles.  Then Ray Miller 50k or 50 miles, I can’t decide!

Craziest pre race ritual: I have to eat Indian food. That way, I am sure to poop before I race!

Funniest / dumbest thing you've done during a run: Going back to Boney Mountain 6k, my FIRST trail race.  I never ran a trail race before, and had no idea I was the lead woman.  So, I took my time on the creek crossings.  I didn’t want to get my shoes wet, HA!  How things have changed.  The last half-mile is a flat road that turns into a dirt tree trail.  This is where I got passed.  Again, not knowing I was first, true to trail runner spirit, I offered words of encouragement as I got passed.  Something along the line of, “great job! Way to finish strong!”  She looked at me funny, and kept on running looking over her shoulder every 5 steps.  She was first woman overall and I followed happily behind and took 2nd.  The funniest/dumbest thing I have ever done at a trail race.  I easily could have dug deep and pushed past her had I know I was holding first woman OVERALL!!!  Every race I think of that moment and push hard and dig deep the whole race.

Favorite distance: half marathon

Guilty pleasure post race: (food / drinks / other / etc.)Post race is burritos and beer for me!

What makes you a true Trail Run Fanatic? I really don’t care rain or shine, I just love being on the trails, enjoying the outdoors and forgetting that I live in a big city! Running is what sets my mind free.  When it rains, the trails are one of my favorite places to be.  Living in LA when it rains, most people go inside and hide so I have to trails to myself!

Most memorable running moment and/or XTERRA moment:  Running XTERRA Trail Run Nationals.  It was something that I had worked really, really hard to earn.  Traveling to Ogden, Utah was the first time I had left my family behind, and heading to Nationals was a dream come true.  The race didn’t go as planned, in fact, it was one of my slowest half marathons ever.  The thin mountain air really got the best of me.  The fact that I was moving so slow didn’t get me down though.  The views were some of the best.  I was at XTERRA Nationals!!! Years of racing and I was the regional champion from SoCal!  I was truly living a dream.  All the runners were nice and offered up their knowledge of the course.  I can’t wait to go back to Ogden with better altitude training so that I can fly over some of the best single track I have ever seen!

Who is your favorite XTERRA runner (pro and age grouper)? Maggie Shearer.  When she shows up I know I am gonna be lucky to get 3rd place for my age group.  She is ALWAYS the first woman! In addition to being fast, she is super tough.  At Boney Mountain maybe 3 years ago, she fell, broke her fingers and was still the first lady.  And the best part about her is she is also one of the nicest people on the trail.  Pro is Conrad Stoltz.  He is the beast of all beasts, and is such a humble athlete.

Do you have a personal mantra, motto or words to live by?

Breath in your courage, let go of your fear.

She made broken look beautiful

and strong look invincible.

She walked with the Universe

on her shoulders and made it

look like a pair of wings.




be ashamed

of a scar. It

simply means

you were

stronger than

whatever tried

to hurt you.”



What is your day job? Master eco colorist.  AKA hairdresser! I co-own a small boutique salon in Venice, where we focus on the having the most eco friendly products and colorline available.

What do you want people to know about XTERRA? XTERRA, has some of the best trail races out there.  The courses they provide are difficult, the climbs are painful, the views are epic but it is the people are what make XTERRA great!  The staff and volunteers at the events are super nice and helpful.  It is always fun to see familiar faces at the aid stations cheering everyone on! Then there are the other trail racers, some of the nicest people around.  Offering insight to the course, helping you up when you fall, and the great post race conversations in the beer garden!!

Tell us something we should know about you:  I have never run “JUST” a marathon before!  I have finished 3 Ironmans, and two 50k’s, but not a marathon on it’s own.  In March I will be 40, and I am about to change that and run LA marathon.  Part of me is excited to run my hometown race, but the other part of me thinks it is a silly idea.  I have missed the trails so much training for LA, and I am looking at it as a bucket list run.  Then if things go as planned I am going to run 40 miles for my 40! This of course will be on the trails!

Open forum (say what you like):  For me my life is totally normal!  However most people around me, are in awe on how I fit it all in daily!  On a good day, I wake up at 5am to enjoy some time for myself before the wild animals that I call my family wake up.  In the summer months this is when I run, in the winter this is when I read and drink tea.  I have 2 beautiful children that keep me on my toes at all times. They are active, so after school is running them around to their different actives. I have a crazy number of pets that we have rescued over the years that require food and exercise on the daily.  I run and found that 50 miles a week is a sweet spot for me. I also run my behind-the-chair business and run a salon.  I am blessed that I am married to my best friend, who shares my vivaciousness for life.  The adventures we take are amazing!

Thank you for sharing your story Tina!


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