Koumargialis to Lead XTERRA European Tour Marketing Efforts

Jan. 20, 2017

Konstantinos “Kostas” Koumargialis, the former race organizer for XTERRA Greece, has been named the marketing director of XTERRA Europe, a new position focused on promoting all races in the Tour and increasing race participation and brand awareness throughout Europe.

“I think we found the perfect person for the job,” said Dave Nicholas, the managing director for the XTERRA World Tour. “Kostas came to us first as an athlete then as an organizer of the successful Greece events. The work he did in getting European athletes to travel to Greece was amazing. He continued to offer suggestions on how TEAM Unlimited could help XTERRA grow in Europe, and his ideas perfectly meshed with ours. I have full confidence in Kostas, and believe our exposure in Europe will increase dramatically.”

In addition, former XTERRA World Champion Nicolas Lebrun will return as the director of the XTERRA European Tour and Dave Nicholas will continue to oversee all operations.

This year’s XTERRA European Tour features an unprecedented 16 championship races with new events in Cyprus, Spain, Wales, Finland, and Norway and will offer more than 190,000 Euro in elite prize money.

“Kostas is passionate about XTERRA, and has a wealth of contacts and experience in race production and marketing which will be of great value to all of us,” said Lebrun.

One of the many new projects Koumargialis is working on includes increased television distribution for select events, and a “media dream team” to capture and produce before-and-after hype videos, photos, and stories for social media and worldwide media distribution.

“XTERRA has always been an inspiration for me. The past five years, I put a lot of effort and passion and gained a lot of knowledge as an organizer for XTERRA Greece,” said Koumargialis. “This unique journey together with my business background and experience as an amateur athlete, have set the grounds for my involvement in the development of the XTERRA European Tour. From the position of the Marketing Director, I look forward to being an active part of the growth for XTERRA Europe, and an even brighter future.”

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