The Off-Road to an XTERRA Regional Championship

Oct. 7, 2016

Now that the 2017 XTERRA Trail Run Series is underway, it’s the perfect time to review how YOU can become an XTERRA Regional Champion and earn your free entry to the 2017 XTERRA Trail Running National Championship.

#1 - Visit us on our website to find an XTERRA race near year. Be sure to check out the Races By Region pages to make sure your race is part of a full 2017 season. We have a few amazing races that are stand alone events, but they offer their own unique perks and prizes. Any event that is part of a full regional series is eligible for points.

#2 – We award points for the longest distance of the day. Therefore if there is a 21K and a 10K, only the 21K will be awarded points. However, there is an exception. Any distance 21K and longer will receive points. For example, if there is a full marathon 42K, a half marathon 21K and a 5K, both the full 42K and half 21K will earn series points.

#3 – Remember that only the top 15 runners in each age group receive points. You can view the point breakdown by clicking on the link below.

#4 – Any regional series that hosts more than 3 events will allow runners to drop their lowest score for the season. Any race that you do not participate in will result in 0 points.

#5 – Have fun! The main goal for any XTERRA Trail Runner is to go out there and find an adventure. Come join us!

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Still have questions? Email series manager Emily McIlvaine at trailrun [at]

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