XTERRA European Championship on Saturday

Aug. 18, 2016

It’s a big weekend for the XTERRA Tribe!  Not only are some of the sports’ fastest women racing in Rio but we’re also hosting the 2016 XTERRA European Championship in conjunction with XTERRA Germany in Zittau on Saturday.

It is the 10th of 11 championship events in the 2016 XTERRA European Tour, offers $25,000 USD to the top 10 male and female professionals, crowns XTERRA European Champions, and dishes out Gold-level points to those chasing European Tour titles.

For amateurs it’s their second-to-last chance to score points towards winning an XTERRA European Tour title in their age division, and a chance to secure one of 50 qualifying spots into the 21st edition of XTERRA Worlds in Maui on October 23.

Our managing director Dave Nicholas is on-site for the event and brings us this update on the eve of the championship race in Zittau …

It seems impossible after years of rain and cool weather, but today was Maui-perfect and the forecast for tomorrow is the same.

The place is rocking with a few thousand walking through the expo and the compound, eating everything from hot dogs to crepes.  The briefing was done in both German and English with most athletes actually paying attention.  Ahh, German precision.

Ruben Ruzafa looks rested but does have some concern.  "There are 5 or 6 good swimmers and if they work together they will get a big lead on me.  I have to stay within 2 minutes of them," he said.  Technical Director Nico Lebrun laughed and told Ruzafa "please do not come into T2 with 5-minute lead."

Roger Serrano is here with Ruben and says he is recovered from early injuries and has been training hard.  "I am very fit and ready for tomorrow."

Top woman pro Michelle Flipo has just come down with a sore throat and a bit of a cold but says this will not stop her.  Renata Bucher is smiling and happy as always and knows this is her kind of course.  Our two-time winner from Mexico, Mauricio Mendez, says he knows he has raced three weekends in a row but says he feels good.  “Mau” is having an amazing trip, he's visited Stockholm, Krakow, Auschwitch, Prague, traveled inside Italy and is headed for Berlin after the race.

"It's my first time in Europe and I really like it," he grinned.  Francois Carloni is not feeling super strong.  "After Italy I was tired and I do not think I am 100%," he said.  "But sometimes when you don't think you are strong you go very fast.  We will see tomorrow."

It should be an interesting race.  Certainly Ruzafa and Carloni have work to do to catch the fast swimmers and then get enough of a lead to keep ahead of the fast Kris Coddens and Mendez.  If Serrano is as fit as he says, he could simply get away and stay away - but this will not be easy on a tough, long bike course.

No wetsuits tomorrow, the lake is already 23 C.  There are separate waves for pro and age groupers and with a classic one lap bike lapping slower riders will not be a problem.

It's time for bed now and the compound is slowly emptying.  We are all amazed at the huge, yellow, full moon hanging over the lake and waiting for the 11am start.

Go to our Facebook page tomorrow and get updates from Nico during the race on https://www.facebook.com/xterraeurope/ starting at 11:30am local time (GMT+2).

XTERRA European Championship – Aug. 20 - Zittau, Germany

Elite Start Lists as of 8.15.16


XTERRA European Tour Rank - Name, Nationality

1 - Ruben Ruzafa, ESP

2 - Kris Coddens, BEL

4 - Sam Osborne, NZL

5 - Mauricio Mendez, MEX

6 - Roger Serrano, ESP

7 - Francois Carloni, FRA

8 - Peter Lehmann, GER

9 - Brice Daubord, FRA

10 - Jan Kubíček, CZE

11 - Veit Hönle, GER

12 - Arthur Serrieres, FRA

14 - Bradley Weiss, RSA

16 - Fabrizio Bartoli, ITA

17 - Maxim Chane, FRA

20 - Hannes Wolpert, GER

22 - Llewellyn Holmes, GBR

24 - Christophe Betard, FRA

25 - Dominik Wychera, AUT

30 - Markus Benesch, AUT

32 - Jens Roth, GER

34 - Karl Shaw, GBR

35 - Tim Van Daele, BEL

36 - Nicolas Fernandez, FRA

42 - Aidan Nugent, RSA

43 - Thomas Kerner, GER

44 - Rui Dolores, POR

47 - Stephen Bayliss, GBR

55 - Lubos Truhlar, CZE

NR - Damien Derobert, FRA

NR - Jan Francke, CZE

NR - Rafael Gomes, POR

NR - Michael Haas, GER

NR - Jonas Hoffmann, GER

NR - Václav Holub, CZE

NR - Krzysztof Kokot, POL

NR - Geert Lauryssen, BEL

NR - Gonzalo Orozco, ESP

NR - Christian Otto, GER

NR - Malte Plappert, GER



XTERRA European Tour Rank - Name, Nationality

1 - Brigitta Poór, HUN

2 - Renata Bucher, SUI

3 - Helena Erbenova, CZE

4 - Carina Wasle, AUT

5 - Morgane Riou, FRA

8 - Myriam Guillot-Boisset, FRA

9 - Louise Fox, GBR

17 - Michelle Flipo, FRA

19 - Lenka Cibulkova, CZE

23 - Isabelle Klein, LUX

NR - Birgit Jüngst-Dauber, GER

NR - Sabina Rzepka, POL