DeSantis in the Dominican

Aug. 5, 2016

XTERRA Warrior Award winner David DeSantis’ rocky road to racing 16 XTERRA events in 2016 to raise $32,000 for the Challenged Athletes Foundation just keeps on getting harder.

As if battling cancer and navigating chemo wasn’t enough – throw in Lyme disease and a stomach flu.

“I didn't make it one day in the Dominican Republic and ended up in the Emergency room in Santa Domingo,” said DeSantis, of his planned race No. 10.

“Both Kathy and I got sick, but she recovered a lot quicker than I did.  I couldn't race on Sunday, but my friend Monica Metsky completed the sprint race (her first triathlon ever) and won her age group, placed 2nd overall for the women. and raised $1000 for CAF!”

Through it all DeSantis continues to smile and see the bright side of everything, and he’s just about to pass $25,000 towards his fundraising goal.

“I actually had a great time watching the race in the shade and was in awe at how hard the athletes were working in the 100' weather and 80% humidity,” said DeSantis.

DeSantis even found a positive in picking up Lyme.

“Kathy contacted Jacqui who contacted Lesley, who got back to Kathy within minutes and has been coaching us through what to do to get this under control ASAP.  The XTERRA community is THE BEST!”

Right back at ya, Dave!

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