XTERRA USA/Pan Am Championship Invitation

Jul. 7, 2016

Come one, come all!

This year, for the first-time ever, everyone is invited to race for the one-day XTERRA USA and Pan America Championship crowns in Utah on September 17.

What has historically been an invite-only race just for U.S. citizens racing in the America Tour is now an open-to-everyone XTERRA USA / Pan American Championship event.

The challenge on offer mixes a 1.5km swim in Pineview Reservoir with a 28km mountain bike ride that climbs roughly 3,400-feet to Snowbasin Resort followed by a 10km trail run to the finish.

The fastest racers to knock off all three disciplines in each age group will be honored as the XTERRA Pan American Champion, and the fastest American in each of those divisions will be celebrated as XTERRA’s U.S. National Champion.

Opening up the race to all comers means one can expect all the fast cats from Canada, and all over the world for that matter, to converge on Ogden for a shot at the crown and a chance to race on one of the World Tour’s most challenging and scenic courses.  It also means you can register right now and plan your trip without having to wait for your qualifying invite.

XTERRA is also hosting a new, Pan-America themed after-party at Hub801 in downtown Ogden with food and drinks that come with the price of entry (not to mention the great lunch with every entry right after the race at Snowbasin Resort).  Don’t indulge too much, however, as you can run for a trail run national title in the half-marathon at Snowbasin the next day (5k, 10k’s too for a more mellow jaunt).

In addition to the one-day titles XTERRA will also honor the America Tour’s regional champions, the inaugural Pan America Tour Champions, and Mr./Mrs. XTERRA award winners.

Combine all the great racing action with the epic facilities and the most supportive community you’ll ever find for a triathlon and you’ve got an event not to be missed.

Sign-up today, no qualification is necessary, and join in the excitement of the new XTERRA USA/Pan American Championship race on the tried-and-true grounds of Ogden, Utah.

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