XTERRA Parry Sound in Ontario on Saturday

Jul. 22, 2016

Canada’s Muskoka region has long been known for stunning scenery - an abundance of pristine lakes, and beautiful Group of Seven landscapes sprinkled with exposed granite and weathered pines. And for competitors in this weekend’s XTERRA Parry Sound, it offers one of the toughest courses in Canada.

The swim is in clean and clear Nine Mile Lake. The mountain bike course features two loops of balanced single track and double track and several unique sections along bare granite ridges which are the signature feature, along with a beaver dam crossing.

The two-loop run course features a granite challenge of its own. “The Wall” is a huge slab that is barely climbable with weary legs after the bike, but fortunately, there’s a 50-foot rope that has been installed to help competitors up this final steep pitch. Technical running on a wilderness trail completes the loop, and few will finish with dry feet.

This year’s XTERRA Parry Sound will also serve as Ontario’s Provincial Cross Triathlon Championship and offers XTERRA World Championship slots to leading athletes of the full distance race.

Check out the promo video here: https://youtu.be/mqaS29-fqj0   More information is at: http://elementracing.ca/xterraparrysound/