DeSantis / America Tour Notes

Jul. 15, 2016

XTERRA Beaver Creek is just one of four races on the America Tour schedule this week.

Also on the schedule is XTERRA Sky High in New York, XTERRA DINO in Indiana, and XTERRA Hammerman in Alaska.

“This is our 16th year, and we are still going strong,” said long-time XTERRA age group standout and Hammerman race director Andy Duenow.

“We’re selling out registration again and with the amazing summer we have been having I don't anticipate too many race day no shows. The lake is an awesome 68-degrees, the bike course is in great shape, the run course is perfect... and the whole thing is a blast, when it's not kicking your ass!  :-)”


Over in Cropseyville, NY our XTERRA Warrior David DeSantis is competing in race No. 9 in his 16 in 2016 campaign.

“Last Thursday I got another round of chemo and by Saturday I looked like the Michelin Man.  My knees, ankles, elbows and digestive system went nuts,” explained DeSantis.

“The rheumatologist drained my left knee yesterday (for the 3rd time in as many weeks) and explained that the chemo is creating an inflammatory response in my body.   My joints and digestive system become inflamed and swelling persists for about 4-5 days.  Today I feel great and XTERRA Sky High is only two days away.  Since I have to get chemo infusions every two weeks and have 4-5 days of recovery from the infusions, I'm going to have to modify the schedule to hit as many races as possible in the US and Canada (closer to home).  I'm looking forward to seeing some local XTERRA friends at the race on Saturday.   Now I have to figure out how to cram a months-worth of training into three days...”

DeSantis has already raised more than $22,000 towards his goal of $32,000 for the Challenged Athletes Foundation this season.

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Caleb Baity and Amy Carver won the challenging XTERRA Whitewater last weekend on a hot and humid day in Charlotte, NC. XTERRA Ambassador Marcus Barton, who finished runner-up, brings us this report.

Top 3 Men:
1. Caleb Baity - 2:23:51.7
2. Marcus Barton - 2:25:45.7
3. Ali Arasta - 2:28:11.1

Top 3 Women:
1. Amy Carver - 3:03:44.4
2. Angie Callaway Childre - 3:06:40.0
3. Elizabeth Skiba - 3:08:24.5

Full XTERRA Whitewater results:

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