2015 T'was the Night Before XTERRA

Dec. 18, 2015

T’was the Night Before XTERRA

And all around the Ritz;

Some athletes were sleeping,

Others at the end of their wits


800 strong were on Maui to race

Tomorrow would go at a furious pace;

Would the surf be crashing or would it flat,

Would the bike be muddy or sticky with tack


They dreamed of speeding downhill like Conrad Stoltz

And hoped for no flats or broken bolts;

Could they climb like Ruzafa and drop the field,

Would the technical pieces make them yield


The moon on the racks of the big, bold transition

Sparkled and twinkled as the dew made them glisten;

Those looking outside saw a wonderous sight

A kindly old gent was working late at night


Then all of Kapalua heard a jolly old laugh,

Old St. Nicholas was there with the XTERRA staff;

“Go to sleep my family, tomorrow is near

Be rested and ready and have no fear”


“The surf will be fine, the trails sticky and fast

From 9 o’clock on you’ll be having a blast;

Remember blue is for bike, red is for run

Keep yourself hydrated, go out and have fun”.


They were suddenly gone, as quick as a flash

The fields back to pristine not one piece of trash;

But the racers all knew as they yawned with a smile

That the race would be great, mile after mile.


This was XTERRA and for the last twenty years

There’d been happiness and joy, and sadness and tears;

Sometimes they won and sometimes they lost

But our racers gave it all, regardless of cost.


It made no difference if from lands near or far

They would fight like warriors and then drink at the bar;

It’s our way to Live More, a family that is right

Brothers and Sisters who argue and fight.


As they all left their windows and went back to bed

The old mans words echoes inside their head

“tomorrow’s the race we’ll be ready and right

Happy XTERRA to All and to All a Goodnight”.

Trail Run