Best Party in Tri 3 Weeks Away

Oct. 9, 2015

If there is one thing XTERRA takes extremely serious, it’s partying, and no place on earth is this more apparent than at the annual Halloween Costume Party following the XTERRA World Championship in Maui.

It’s got all the right ingredients – an international crowd of inebriated athletes after their last race of the season – IN MAUI – with a brand new XTERRA Stand-Up Paddleboard up for grabs to whomever dons the best costume. It all adds up to a brew of pure fun, frivolity, and hilarity.

Where else can you see Conrad Stoltz in full trailer trash garb flipping the bird to the crowd, or Julie Dibens waddling around as a swim buoy? Nothing is sacred, from full reenactments of the winning routine from Blades of Glory to 80’s ski team revivals and petite Chinese gymnasts to the one-and-only Crocodile Undie!

It’s been said that some people take this party more seriously than they do the race, while others deem it the final event of the season – one that requires a considerable amount of endurance all to itself.

A few years ago Triathlete Magazine said the Maui XTERRA had the best post-race festivities of any race on earth.

“When it comes to putting it all together post-race, the XTERRA World Championship in Maui does things right. No other triathletes party quite like the freaks of the XTERRA circuit. So train hard, qualify for Maui and then be sure to pack a killer Halloween costume. Seriously, that’s not a trick. Make it a good costume.”