EPC Tips - Hill Repeat Run

Jul. 31, 2015

HILL REPEATS: Following your aerobic base re-build block, begin to re-introduce some intensity into your midseason training program by running short hill repeats. This session allows you to do some higher intensity training without spending too much time running "fast" and allowing your body to gradually adapt to the faster running without being too stressful.

Hill repeats are a classic endurance training protocol. Whether on the bike or run, going up hill brings many benefits to the endurance athlete, regardless if your race is hilly or flat. Hill repeats can be long and sustained or short and fast depending on your training objectives. Use this RUNNING hill repeat session to build strength in the first half of the set (the 1:00 repeats) and to build power in the second half of the set (the 0:30 repeats).

The FLAT intervals are intended to help you dial in the effort prior to the HILL repeats, as well as to feel the strength & power benefits after performing the hill repeats. Run out and back on the FLAT intervals at same effort (but greater speed) as on HILL intervals. Run at a fast pace that you can sustain throughout the longer intervals. Run the shorter intervals as fast as you can.

5:00 Dynamic Warm-Up
5-15:00 easy run
4x[0:15 strides, 0:45 walk]
1:00 walk

1x[1:00 FLAT fast run]
4-6x[1:00 UPHILL fast run, jog down recovery]
1x[1:00 FLAT fast run]
3:00 walk
1x[0:30 FLAT fast run]
4-6x[0:30 UPHILL fast run, walk down recovery]
1x[0:30 FLAT fast run]

2:00 walk
5-10 easy run
3:00 walk

Written by Cody Waite, professional endurance athlete, endurance sport coach and founder of Endurance Performance Coaching who is offering training programs for both XTERRA Nationals & Worlds.

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