XTERRA Whitewater / Blackwater on Horizon

Jun. 25, 2015

There are a couple cool races coming up on the XTERRA America Tour that are as different as black & white.

First up is XTERRA Whitewater, Saturday, July 19, in Charlotte, North Carolina.

The U.S. National Whitewater plays host to this one and puts XTERRA triathletes to the test at the world’s premiere outdoor recreation facility.

“The race begins with a 1K flatwater swim split between the Catawba River and our man-made channel, followed by 23K on mountain bike across all difficulty levels of the USNWC trail system, and concluding with an 8K trail run to cross the finish line,” explains race director Brian Mister.

Over 500 acres of maintained woodlands along the Catawba River provide the ideal location for this challenging trail race as well as a weekend getaway for the whole family. Home to the world’s largest man-made recirculating river, the USNWC features over 25 unique activities available to all ages and skill levels, including whitewater rafting and kayaking, flatwater kayaking, stand-up paddle boarding, mountain biking, rock climbing, zip lines, and ropes courses.

Learn more at http://usnwc.org/play/whitewater-race-series/xterra-whitewater-triathlon/

Next up is XTERRA Blackwater, a first-year race to be staged August 2 in Milton, Florida.

XTERRA age group standout Ben Dillon, who has done dozens of races around the world, saw the need for more opportunities in his home state of Florida and took it upon himself to bring the sport to the Northwest part of the state. Dillon is hosting the event alongside his buddies from SOML Racing (So Others May Live).

“SOML Racing is a non-profit organization consisting of Naval Aviation Rescue Swimmers, our families, and friends,” said Dillon, a rescue swim instructor out of Pensacola. “They're an organization that strives to be a formidable force in the lives of those who seek to better themselves mentally and physically, as every Navy rescue swimmer knows, "So Others May Live!"

Staged in the beautiful Blackwater River State Forest at the Bear Lake Recreation Area, the race consists of an 800-yard swim, a 13-mile mountain bike and a 3.75-mile trail run.

“This is the first of its kind in NW Florida and the excitement leading up to has been astounding,” exclaimed Dillon.                                                             “This race is really going to challenge your skills and abilities in a rugged outdoor setting.”

More information can be found at www.somlracing.org.