XTERRA South Carolina Trail Run Series Preview

Jun. 10, 2015

By Devin P. Quinn and Summer Quinn
XTERRA Trail Running Interns

Looking for a great trail running experience this summer? Then look no further than the upcoming XTERRA South Carolina trail run series! One of XTERRA’s most brilliant and dedicated race directors, Victoria Seahorn, has organized these two stellar upcoming races in the region-- the XTERRA Harbison Half Marathon & 5K on July 12th, and the XTERRA Table Rock 15K and 5K on August 15th. These races are set against the backdrop of some of the state’s best scenery, and Victoria describes the combined atmosphere of XTERRA camaraderie and sweeping natural beauty as “a true XTERRA experience-- and a true South Carolina experience.” Perfectly suited to all levels of running experience, the rugged scenic trails of Harbison and Table Rock promise to challenge and reward every runner on race day.

Besides the buoyant spirit present at any XTERRA event, the biggest draw to these races will no doubt be the setting-- two of the Southeast’s most vibrant and popular parks. “Harbison State Forest has well packed and well shaded trails that are perfect for a summertime half marathon,”  Victoria notes, also praising Table Rock State Park as “incredibly beautiful and scenic with waterfalls and wildlife.” These XTERRA events are the only races allowed at Table Rock, a testament to XTERRA’s great relationship of trust and partnership with its host parks. Victoria regularly visits both of these parks with her family, and her deep respect for and familiarity with the magnificent venues shines through in her expert planning, as the races wind their way through the parks’ best trails and grandest scenery.

If there’s anybody with the expertise necessary to design a truly amazing race event, it’s Victoria Seahorn. Victoria has plenty of experience as a runner herself, having blazed her way through 30 marathons and many other races. As a mainstay of the nationwide running community, she has enjoyed running in locations across the country, but admits that the parks of South Carolina are undeniably a special place for a runner. Her first race as event director (a marathon in Atlanta, Georgia) was organized as a memorial for a friend who succumbed to breast cancer-- 17,000 runners participated. Victoria still remembers directing that first race as “the experience of a lifetime.” Since then, she’s accumulated an impressive résumé of popular events in multiple states, including both road races and trail races. Under her direction, the South Carolina series promises to be an event that will draw runners from across the country.

With a superb race director and breathtaking scenery, the XTERRA South Carolina Series promises to be an event you won’t want to miss. There’s something for everyone, whether you come to compete, take in the natural beauty, or just soak up the fantastic atmosphere of an XTERRA trail race. You’re invited-- so come and race with XTERRA South Carolina this summer!




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