XTERRA Mexico Championship August 8th

May. 21, 2015

The XTERRA Mexico Championship returns to the mountains of Tapalpa, Jalisco on August 8.

For Americans it is without doubt the easiest-to-get-to-awesome international experience on the XTERRA World Tour schedule.

“To be honest, I come for the fiesta, it’s the best after-party anywhere,” said former XTERRA World Champion Shonny Vanlandingham on why she used to race at XTERRA Mexico year-after-year.

“Seriously though, this event is great fun, and it’s easy to get to it. The organizers are wonderful, the course is very well marked, and it’s very professional. And, it’s good mountain biking, the venue is beautiful, both the lake and the town. You get to experience the culture, and see the excitement in town with huge crowds lining the streets. It’s definitely one of my favorite XTERRA’s anywhere.”

XTERRA Managing Director Dave Nicholas explained that “the race city of Tapalpa is one of Mexico’s Pueblos Mágicos (magical village) projects and is simply a great place.  About 100 miles from Guadalajara, it is a jewel of old Mexico with cobble streets (wear good shoes, no 4″ stiletto’s allowed) great shops, covered walkways, typical, huge centuries old church’s alongside a tree lined central plaza.  Just off the plaza is about 150′ of food booths that open every day where they will cook before your eyes, … fish, meat, chicken tacos, breaded chili’s, rice, beans and tasty stuff I have no idea what it is.  They call it “hungry street” and you cannot leave hungry.  Lots of sit down restaurants, many of them on old wood balconies above the town square and all serve great food at very reasonable prices.”

After the race on Saturday night Tapalpa has a huge XTERRA fiesta that is the best after party on the world tour.  But don’t think USA or safety conscious places – the fireworks here blow up 200′ above you, the bands are playing wild frantic dance music and one simply has to experience it to understand what the word “fiesta” really means.

Learn more and sign-up today for the experience of a lifetime. http://www.xterramexico.com.mx/