Finchamp's First Race in the Pro Field

May. 14, 2015

Hannah Rae Finchamp has been amazing people with her speed, strength, courage, and humility for a decade ... and she just turned 19-years-old.

The five-time XTERRA World Champion from Altadena, California just finished her freshman year at Lindenwood University in St. Charles, Missouri where get this - she was on the cycling, track and cross country, and swimming teams all while working extra hours on a double major.

Yesterday she finished her last exam of the semester, Saturday she'll compete against the pro women for the first time (albeit a long time coming).  And today, she took the time to tell us how she's doing...

"I am so excited to be a part of the Pro field this season! After racing XTERRA for so long I am thrilled to see the races through a new lens from the Pro's point of view.  I just finished my last final for school yesterday and it has been a wild ride but I have loved every minute of it. I wanted to gain as much experience as I could and I got everything I wanted and more. This season I competed in over 20 collegiate competitions including mountain biking, cyclocross, road racing, track, cross country, and swimming. In addition, I took overload credit hours, continue to work toward a double major in athletic training and exercise science as well as finishing 165 observation hours in the athletic training field. It might come as a surprise that, yes, I did get to enjoy moving away and meeting new friends as well. I cannot say that this year came without it's challenges and it was most definitely the biggest juggling act I have ever attempted. My success came down to two factors: joy and desire. I found that when running from one event to the next or fitting in a workout at 5am the most important thing was to remember why I do what I do and to rejoice in the fact that I am capable of doing it. God has blessed me with all these opportunities in front of me and it's incredible that I have found a place that supports me to pursue whatever my heart desires. All of the people I have encountered at Lindenwood University have helped me make my visions a reality and the facilities there make it easy to complete one event and run across campus to make it on time to the next. Competing this year as a Pro marks the reaching of a goal I have had for a very long time. Since I am pursing NCAA athletics I cannot accept any prize money but what I will gain from racing against these incredible women is far more valuable than any dollar amount."