XTERRA Jersey Devil Celebrates Year Five

Apr. 9, 2015

Sunday April 26 will mark the 5th installment of the XTERRA Jersey Devil.  “I can’t believe it has already been 5 years”, says Race Director, Bob Horn (also a 4X XTERRA Regional Age Group Champion).   Bob says, “the XTERRA Jersey Devil is definitely one of those races that is a labor of love”, and “I hope when athletes come to do the race that shows through on race day.” The race takes place at the beautiful Citta Boy Scout Reservation, in the heart of the New Jersey Pine Barrens.  For most Mid-Atlantic Regional and Northeast Regional athletes it will be the 1st chance to gain some valuable points towards the Regionals Points Series Race, and NEW this year, the 1st chance to lock in a spot for XTERRA Nationals in UTAH, by finishing in the top 15 in their Age Group.

The Citta Scout Reservation is a convenient location for a lot of athletes as it is about 30 miles north of Atlantic City, making it only a few hours from New York City and Philadelphia.  Of course not only is the location convenient, but the Pine Barrens are also a great location for an early season XTERRA race.

The ½ mile swim is in a clean cedar lake.   The shallow lake is just perfect for swimming in come late April, so temps in the lake warm up fast, and average for race day in the high 50s to low 60s, perfect  temps for swimming with a full wetsuit.

The 13 mile mountain bike section will definitely get your legs burning.  Maybe not burning in the normal XTERRA sense, as the course lacks any real climbing, but in the constant churning you’ll be doing, pumping some speed on the fast sandy trails.  Given this year’s snowy winter and wet spring thus far the course will certainly have its wet spots so come prepared to get dirty, which is an XTERRA requirement.

If you haven’t quite gotten the full XTERRA experience at this point in the race don’t worry, the race culminates with the “Crown Jewel” of the course, the 3.2 mile run.  The run course will give you a taste of what the Jersey Devil himself has to endure every day, going through marshy creek areas, classic pine barren alleys, while always keeping a lookout for the occasional sticker bush grabbing you. In what has been described by one athlete as, “I felt like I was back on the high school football field dodging linebackers, there were a lot of trees to dodge in that one section behind the lake. “   Bob says, “ I always enjoy hearing the comments from athletes about the run course, it feels like I’ve made the XTERRA name proud.”

Learn more and register at www.xterrajerseydevil.com.