Test of Endurance at Tennessee's XTERRA Power to the Tower

Apr. 3, 2015

XTERRA Power to the Tower Trail Run will be the second race of the Tennessee Point Series and will consists of a half marathon and a 50k trail run on April 4th.

The event will take place on the east side of Tennessee in Kingsport’s very own Bays Mountain Park. Athletes will run a single track course that runs through the mountain of the 3,550-acre nature preserve. Participants will experience over 6,000 total feet of elevation changes.

The XTERRA Power to the Tower Trial run is the longest race in the Tennessee Series and will test each athlete’s limits during the 50k trail run.

Power to the Tower is an official XTERRA Trail Run where the top finishers will be rewarded points for the Tennessee series.

After this race, the Tennessee series will be halfway over with only two more races where racers will have an opportunity to gain points to become a series champion and receive a free invitation to the Paul Mitchell XTERRA Trail Run National Championship in Snowbasin, Ogden, Utah, in September.

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Series Schedule

December 6, 2014 XTERRA Rocky Top Trail Run 10/21km

April 4, 2015 Power to the Tower Trail Run 8/21/50km

June 6, 2015 XTERRA Knoxville Trail Run 4/21km

August 5, 2015 XTERRA Bays Blaze Trail Run 15km

2015 Tennessee Series Standings

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