Paterson, Soule Stand Out

Apr. 3, 2015

Two XTERRA racers deserve some special recognition this week.

The first is Braveheart warrior Lesley Paterson, who quite literally swam with one arm at XTERRA Costa Rica this week because she tore a tendon while pre-riding and couldn’t rotate her shoulder.

“I couldn’t lift my arm above my head so I had to do the whole swim one armed…1500-meters is a long way with one arm! I had to have the other one down by my side,” she explained.

Paterson’s swim split was 33:27, a full 12-minutes slower than Sara McLarty and more than six minutes behind eventual runner-up Emma Garrard.

She erased most of that deficit with the fastest bike split of the day then made up the rest with a blistering fast run (and bloody shoes thanks to the sandy insides).

Also of note this week is Janet Soule from Davis, California.

The 53-year-old who won her division at XTERRA REAL on Saturday, then a half-marathon the day after. Earlier in the month she took home top honors for her work as a public relations professional and before that took home some trophies at a body building competition. And, if you know Janet, all that pales in comparison to how genuinely sweet she is as a person.