2015 XTERRA Texas Trail Run Series Preview

Apr. 17, 2015

By DJ Quinn

The XTERRA Texas series has been garnering a lot of attention recently and for good reason: the courses are among the most beautiful on the XTERRA circuit, and their sense of community helps to attract new runners. As Kathy, the race director of roughly half the Texas series says, “The Texas series stands out because we have so many types of race courses in Texas. No two are really alike. We have everything from sandy, to rooted, to granite rock slap, to technical rolling ups and downs, and each of the races in the series presents those different challenges. Sometimes, one course contains all of those. We really have so many options.” Joel, the other half of the Dynamic Duo down in Texas (Kathy and Joel each have separate trail racing companies and each of them directs about half the XTERRA Texas series) agrees: “Each race in the Texas XTERRA series offers a different type of trails and terrain, from flat and sandy, to big hills with loose rock and ledges. It is a great slice of the  varied types of terrain that Texas has to offer.”

No race, no matter how scenic, would become as popular as the Texas series without having great runners who are also great people, and the Texas series sure attracts a happy crowd. Kathy comments, “The folks that run our races are very laid back. In fact, I often have bike racers attend our event weekend because we put on adventure races on the same weekend (which includes biking), and they always comment about how nice the trail runners are and how much they seem to enjoy life and just being out for the event. They all enjoy nature and being in the elements, and it makes for a fun group of people to spend our weekend with. And a little rain and mud never hurts a trail runner, because there are no bike parts to clean up ~ only shoes and clothes that can be washed.” Joel agrees wholeheartedly saying, “The participants are my favorite part. I see lots of the same people at every race and the sense of community that is created among the racers is great to be a part of.”

Both directors bring plenty of experience on Texas trails to the table. Joel says,“ I have been racing both road and mountain bikes in Texas since 1992. Over the years I would often volunteer to help set up, tear down, or help out during races. A few years ago I started helping out with the Texas XTERRA races. The guys that I was helping out were looking for someone to carry on with their race responsibilities and it was an opportunity that I couldn't pass up.”

The growing popularity of the Texas XTERRA series is due in large part to hard work of the race directors and the sense of community they foster. The different and challenging terrain is also a draw. Combine those factors and you have one awesome race series. As Kathy puts it, “My favorite thing about the Texas series is the versatility we have at our various courses. It is never boring for us to mark a course, and I always look forward to seeing the runners faces smiling at the end of their accomplishment.”

If you like scenic and challenging courses, a vibrant running community, and great race directors, join the growing number of people who have discovered the XTERRA Texas series; you definitely won't be disappointed.

Upcoming 2015 XTERRA Texas Trail Runs

4/25/15 - XTERRA Bluebonnet Trail Run

5/17/15 - XTERRA Rock Dallas Trail Run

6/14/15 - XTERRA Muleshoe Trail Run

6/21/15 - XTERRA Gator Bait Trail Run

7/12/15 - XTERRA Magnolia Trail Run

8/16/15 - XTERRA Cameron Park Trail Run

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